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Dec 16, 2012 Parsecsam commented on I Am Adam Lanza's Mother.
We are all to blame for what happened In Conn. First when I saw the photo of the killer when he was younger, I had the feeling he was ADHD or bipolar, or both. I know some children like that, and they have no feelings for anyone or anything. Then you let them play those violent, combative, video games on the computer, and they are getting good feelings from killing people online. I have seen how it affects those youngsters. They have toy guns that they point at people and shoot them or toy swords that they use in a very negative way. All learned from playing those games. It is only a game, but to ADHDs, or kids who are bipolar, they don't see the difference. Then they grow up, read about a shooting somewhere and they say to themselves, "I can do better than that", then they go out and do it. Think about it, the guy started off the day shooting his mother in the face. He had probably misbehaved, and when his mother reprimanded him, just shot her. What normal child could shoot his mother in the face?

We allow those game people to put those games online. Yes, parents can try to stop their child, but these children are bright, and know how to manipulate computers - I've seen it - at seven and eight they know more about computers than they let on. These children are very manipulative and know how to get what they want. Why aren't those games made illegal and taken off the Internet? The answer is the same for all of the things that are bad for us, Tobacco, GMOs, leaf-blowers, to name a few.

The answer is simple - money. As long as we put money before right, we are losers.
That is no reason to allow the stupid manufacturers of those violent games, designed for kids, to continue to stimulate those violent inner feelings, and desensitize their inborn feelings of brotherhood. This is the first reference to the type of child he was, or what his computer habits were. Is the media protecting the game business? Do we need that kind of business - one that can cause a person to shoot his mother in the face? We allow it, and we are as guilty as the shooter. It cannot be lightly passed over. If we allow it, we will also be responsible for the next shooting. There are hundreds of ADHD and bipolar kids out there who are queuing up for the next round.

I believe that children with ADHD and, or bipolar symptoms should be treated in a special way. I don’t mean drugged, I mean find out at an early age, how to help them grow up in this world of violence in a way that they can be productive. My experience with them has shown me that they are far advanced mentally, but have traits that affect their behavior. They have a lot to offer, if we can only see the way to help them.