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Dec 16, 2012 Worriedsick joined My Stranger Face
Dec 16, 2012 Worriedsick commented on I Am Adam Lanza's Mother.
Folks, I admit this is sad, but the time for pity and feeling sorry for people is over. But are we really, TRULY ready to talk about all the issues that might play into these children who grow into monsters??? Almost all of the experts agree that in this particular kind of situation you have a OFF THE CHARTS INTELLIGENT child, both Adam Lanza and this child, but this kind of madness doesn't appear over night. As these smart kids grow up the anger compounds and grows with them. What is Michaels biggest concern????? GETTING HIS VIDEO GAMES BACK! Are we ready to talk about the damage that these absurdly horrible games have on growing minds that are already angry?? Taking away his video games as punishment only makes him angrier. Why is a kid like this losing himself in video games when he needs 24/7 attention and stimulation. I'm sure it's getting to the point where his mother is so worn down that a few hours of him on video games allows her to keep her sanity just long enough to get up and live this nightmare all over tomorrow. What about the other three children in this family. Their formative years aren't playing with their friends (probably because nobody will let their own child in that house) or quietly reading a book, it's knowing escape plans from their brother so he won't kill them. Where is the father???????????????? Any boy needs a strong father figure, but a child like this needs it ten-fold. There is no way this mother can support the family, take care of three other children ( who are going to have some issues because their childhood's are being stolen) and see to it that Michael is in constant mental health care. So I ask you, are we really ready to address all these issues, or will will the walls go up when people are confronted about their out of control child and feel like they are being accused of being bad parents?......will gamers laugh and say "I'm not a killer so games aren't the issue...." are we ready to talk about institutionalizing these children??? I hope so.....but like most things after the sting of this leaves our consciousness will it just be status quo again?