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Dec 16, 2012 Mom2all3Js joined My Stranger Face
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I live your story with my 12 year old son. Have you gotten an ASO level on Michael? This cyclical behavior could be from Strep or Lymes...I am not joking. My son changed demeanor at 9 years old when he punched me one day for taking away his wii remote. He proceeded to trash our home. After months of this very cyclical behavior our pediatrician amazingly noticed was always after a sore throat. Justin was diagnosed with PANDAS (pediatric autoimmune neuropsychological disorder associated with Strep) and the story continued to get worse with him trashing our home every few months or all the sudden flipping on me that I was a stupid retard or dumb b**** when he didn't get his way. he has been diagnosed Aspergers and ADHD but our behavioral specialist who has helped us through this said its too cyclical to be either of these diagnosis. After 3 years and numerous trips to the Dr or ER including one that involved the police and paramedics when he tried to put a sledge hammer through my SUV window BUT doesn't remember it we finally have an answer. He was admitted the a Children's hospital and treated with IV IG to help his strep levels and Lymes levels so that we may regain the amazing son we have raised. This may not be your situation but what could it hurt to test ASO level, western blot test, etc and keep a record of what happens the weeks leading up to his outbursts. It just may help diagnose something that so many don't believe exists because its so new to the medical world. Our children today are having neurological symptoms related to infections that have gone undiagnosed or aren't completely cleared by antibiotics. My prayers are with this family and so many others living these stories.