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Dec 16, 2012 jimmirorie joined My Stranger Face
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For over 10 years, I lived with a bright, energetic boy who had no control of his emotions, and often, his actions. He is 27 now, living in his own world, in his own reality. The last I heard of him, his Mother told me he had totaled her car while drunk. Neither of us were able, even with the best psychiatric care available, and the most love we could give, to keep him safe from himself.

I truly hope our society has learned that mental health care must be a priority in the schools and in society in general. We must stop looking outside ourselves for answers and rely instead on our own commitment to whatever resources are needed to address these problem children and get them the care they need to become, if they can, normal members of our society. To do otherwise is giving in to the cynicism of despair, and the inevitable violence we will have visited on us by their disorders.

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