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Dec 17, 2012 cath joined My Stranger Face
Dec 17, 2012 cath joined My Stranger Face
Dec 17, 2012 cath commented on I Am Adam Lanza's Mother.
Thank you for writing this article. I, along with many other parents of a child with the mental issues you described, fearfully live each day like this. My son has most of the labels you mentioned. We continue to go to counseling, to medicate him, to put him on behavior programs..but the behavior bursts out still. Could this tragic incident shed light on the problems we deal with...could there be an answer for these children and all those around them? I pray that if anything positive comes out of this horrific shooting that it be in the direction of the help we need. We as parents want nothing more than peace and an answer to end the struggles for our children. Please help us to bring about the big changes and the progress we need in the development of programs for our hurting children. Cathy

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