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Apr 6, 2015 striatic commented on The GOP Nom: Future Clown Car Occupant Coming to Town.
scrolling down the invitation was like this for me "It's gotta be in Bellevue. Has to be in Bellevu - There's no way it's in .. Downtown!? What are they thinking!?"
Feb 11, 2015 striatic commented on Gattaca and California's Solar Future for America.
Interesting. Oil is an inexhaustible resource in the sense that it will destroy the world in the process of its exhaustion, and so will never be able to be fully exhausted. Therefore scarcity is not relevant. If oil ever does become scarce, that will be the least of our problems.
Dec 5, 2014 striatic commented on You Know Things Are Bad When Even George W. Bush Recognizes America's Problem with Racism.
Is there currently an effort to draft a Washington State ballot initiative to enact police reform regarding racial profiling and/or police violence, to put the issue before state voters in 2016?
Sep 2, 2014 striatic commented on An Illustrated Review of the Highs, Lows, and Very Contagious Eye Diseases of Penny Arcade Expo.
First, this perfectly mirrors my own feelings on PAX. It is really sort of terrible, except for the Indie Megabooth and Tabletop areas. Even when you are into the AAA developer titles, the presentation leaves so much to be desired that one wonders what the point is.

Going to the indie areas though, talking with developers or associates of theirs who are legitimately excited about the things they are creating is great! Plus, the games themselves are really fun and lend themselves better to the short play times and quick learning curve of playing demos anyway. They are, in almost every way, a better fit for the convention experience.

Second, will second zephsright in saying that "And tucked away on the sixth floor..." is a bit of a misnomer. Being on the 6th floor *is* a little tucked away, but the area was by far the most prominent area on that floor. It wasn't in the back or anything, you couldn't avoid passing it when getting off the 6th floor escalator. If you were going up to that floor, which despite not being the main floor still had a lot of great stuff for people of all different interests, then the diversity lounge was unavoidable. Plus, had it been on the main floor it would have been very difficult to carry on a conversation there which was sort of the point right?
May 30, 2014 striatic commented on Why We Need Cycletracks: Truck Blocks Entire Bike Lane On Capitol Hill.
@13, google maps does *not* show an elevation change of 70ft on both routes. The link you provided shows 115ft of elevation gain on the Dexter route versus 72ft of elevation gain on Westlake route.

When it comes to bicycle commuting, flatter is better and Westlake is significantly flatter than Dexter.

The travel time estimations bear seemingly no relation to the elevation changes indicated.
May 30, 2014 striatic commented on Why We Need Cycletracks: Truck Blocks Entire Bike Lane On Capitol Hill.
"There's a bike lane on Dexter Avenue a block away, which runs parallel!" is the kind of argument made by someone who has no concept of the fundamental difference between cars and bicycles.

I ride down Westlake all the time and Dexter sometimes. Taking Dexter anywhere typically involves a significant elevation gain that can be rather taxing on a bike, especially if you are novice cyclist, older, younger, carrying a lot of stuff, would prefer to not be quite so sweaty upon reaching your destination or would prefer to go faster rather than slower.

The Dexter bike lane is useful for getting to things on Dexter street, and not much else, whereas Westlake is a key route from Downtown, Lower Queen Anne and SLU to Fremont, SPU and the Burke Gilman Trail.

I'm unsure of the best way to articulate this difference to the Westlake Cycle Track opponents. Maybe showing the significant difference in actual travel times along the two routes, despite being parallel and only a block apart.
Jan 8, 2014 striatic commented on Shia LaBoeuf, Star of Three Transformers Films, Rails Against Corporate Entertainment.
Why does he seem so fixated on Daniel Clowes specifically?

It is almost like he's desperate to cast himself as a character in one of Clowes' stories.

Though to be honest i'm not so interested in what LaBoeuf is trying to do so much as how Clowes responds, and what it is about Clowes that has attracted this behaviour.
Sep 15, 2013 striatic commented on Slog Poll: How Ugly Is This Building?.
ok, maybe "pretty good" is being too generous to Olive 8. let's go with "arguably acceptable".
Sep 15, 2013 striatic commented on Slog Poll: How Ugly Is This Building?.
is it odd that i think Olive 8 looks pretty good, but that the building featured in this post looks terrible both in its rendering and in its increasing reality?
Jun 26, 2013 striatic commented on How I Fell in Love with Twitter and Wendy Davis.
if anyone complains about a left wing media bias in the aftermath of the filibuster i will only say this: