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Dec 19, 2012 MGlover commented on The Abortion Pills Are Probably to Blame for This.
Ha ha, yeah, Dan, pills! What kind of loon blames anything on pills? No, reasonable people blame growing trends (e.g. teen suicide and homicide) on things that have been around forever (e.g. bullying and gun law).

First let's blame skyrocketing youth suicide on bullying. That way we can keep on selling meds that make kids suicidal. You can continue your Big Pharma PR efforts, Dan, and be a hero at the same time!

Then let's treat skyrocketing youth violence as solely a matter of gun law, so we can keep selling boatloads of meds that make kids homicidal. (Wait, didn't the OK Corral have more restrictive gun laws like 120 years ago? Case closed!)

Yup, it sure as shit gets better.