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Dec 20, 2012 a_pedo commented on Savage Love Episode 321.
@19: I was talking at the level of *desires*, of longings, of attraction.

FourthCaller: Wow, no surprise you loathe yourself. According to you, being different is wrong. Diversity is wrong. Sexual difference is bad.

@25: Im not a fucking troll! Just because I think both pedophilia AND homosexuality are normal sexual orientations, that means im a troll?? Stop treating people who disagree with you as trolls.

I "love" how instead of discussing what I said you resort to name calling. Instead of addresing the central point, you just call people "trolls".
Dec 19, 2012 a_pedo commented on Savage Love Episode 321.

"Pedophiles are people who did not choose to be such, but have urges and sexual drives that tend them towards horrible actions (child molestation)."

Pedophiles dont want to molest children any more than men want to rape women. Most pedophiles want to have consensual sex with children, not rape. It's a romantic, emotional and erotic sexual orientation. It is not "horrible" feeling love towards other person.
Dec 19, 2012 a_pedo commented on Savage Love Episode 321.
Whats up with this idea that pedophiles must "loathe" themselves? Why gays have "gay pride" but pedophiles need to loathe themselves? As a pedophile, we have to be proud of our sexual orientation. There is nothing wrong about being a pedophile and a person doesnt have to loathe himself/herself for being a pedophile. It's absurd. Pedophiles are equals to non-pedophiles. Not worse, or better. Equals. No one should be ashamed for being a pedo.
Dec 19, 2012 a_pedo joined My Stranger Face

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