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Dec 19, 2012 clancy joined My Stranger Face
Dec 19, 2012 clancy commented on Savage Love.

I also suffered horrendous abuse as a child. At 17 I could have easily written that letter. I wouldn't have been able to speak the words, but I could have certainly written them. Without a doubt.

Chances are NOPE took their time writing that. Read and re read it to ensure they were sending Dan the very best letter they could have on the subject. I highly doubt it was a letter hastily tapped out in a few.minutes. Given the test they have in Dan, the internal struggle they are experiencing, I have a hard time believing that they didn't write the letter with all of theit intellectual prowess they could muster.

If it were me and I were writing at seventeen, I would have made dang sure I came across as mature, articulate, and concise.

Unlike this post im tapping out on my cell phone.

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