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Aug 2, 2013 Treena commented on Flip Flops.
Steinbrueck's position does not represent a "flip flop" on the issue. His commen and rightfully so is tHat big box stores "likeWalmart" would be subject to LUC, and there would be consistent treatment under the law.
Jul 12, 2013 Treena commented on Why Ed Murray Will Be Mayor.
Steinbrueck has the background and experience that make him the best qualified to lead the city through the growth it will experience and major projects coming down the road. He has a great track record on the City Council, is a critical thinker without being divisive. If we are looking for the best qualified leader, he is it.
May 7, 2013 Treena commented on The First Mayoral Race Scandal: "Pizza Peter" Dines Out?!?.
Peter Steinbrueck's qualifications include two terms and track record
of progressive legislation and leadership while on the City Council. His best qualification in my view is his expertise in urban planning and design that will serve us well as the City wrestles with some major projects over the next 8 years. These include the development of the waterfront, transit expansion into neighborhoods and 520 bridge development. he is the best qualified to lead the City at this time. Steinbrueck is a critical thinker who is best qualified to manage the mitigation of major projects on neighborhoods and to enhance their livability.
May 6, 2013 Treena commented on The First Mayoral Race Scandal: "Pizza Peter" Dines Out?!?.
I can't account for the misspelling--auto spelling correction? About the 11:45 clock--I asked that question, too, and no one has given me an answer. Graphic artist choice? Nobody I've spoken to seems to know. Loving the Stranger and Mr. Dan Savage. Thanks to you all for good info and lots of fun.
May 6, 2013 Treena commented on The First Mayoral Race Scandal: "Pizza Peter" Dines Out?!?.
Yes, that's my car! Unlike my favorite Mayoral candidate, Peter Steinbrook, I do not make my own pizza! I love pizza, though; so, watch for me and my car at a pizza parlor near you!! Thanks much. Kathy Anderson, Stranger fan!
Apr 29, 2013 Treena commented on What Does Ed Murray Have Against Rail in Seattle?.
Rail makes sense in some ares and not in others. It's cost-effective in some places, but not all. Any responsible public administrator knows it's in our best interest to ask critical questions. Don't fault Murray for that.

McGinn is not the only environmentalist running for Mayor or the only supporter of transportation options. Steinbrueck, Murray and Burgess have track records on this. I would support the candidate who has a record of critical thinking and analysis, not those who test political wind first, ala McGinn.
Dec 23, 2012 Treena commented on Peter Steinbrueck Is Running for Mayor.
Some comments about Peter Steinbrueck's mayoral candidacy. 1. I believe the Port and employers in the city's manufacturing and industrial sector hired Steinbrueck to make the case against locating the arena there because they have legitimate concerns about potential impact on freight mobility and business operations. 2. Rainier Valley and Bellevue are not bad options. The economic literature has documented all too well the case that sports stadiums are big losers for local economies. That said, once the people have spoken and decisions are made, Steinbrueck is not likely to beat this horse forever as McGinn did the tunnel project, and he will move on. 3. Keeper Freeman is not bank-rolling the Steinbrueck campaign. 4. I believe Seattle needs to demand more from developers, and Steinbrueck shares that view.
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