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Nov 17 tacky commented on Tesla Motors and the Success of the Government's Loan Program.
C'mon Charles, you know better than to link to Wikipedia!

Nice piece, though. I'm living in Palo Alto right now and every rich goober in town has a Tesla or two.
May 2 tacky commented on How's the Seattle Minimum Wage Deal Looking to the Rest of the Nation?.
Why not report on how HA Blog sees the min wage?

"$15 in 2017 Dollars, by 2025"

For many workers that's exactly what the mayor is proposing.

Also, Goldy points out that the mayor's proposed wage table assumes a 2.4% inflation rate-- close to double the rate we've had the last few years. So the mayor's numbers likely exaggerate the post-$15/hr wages Seattle workers will receive.

Why did the Stranger fire the only legitimate wonk on staff?? You kids are lost without Grandpa Goldstein to walk you through the policy fine print.
May 2 tacky commented on Can Someone Explain How V for Vendetta Became a Major Symbol of Protest?.
For reals though that movie sucked so much ass.
Mar 25 tacky commented on Facebook Buys Virtual Reality Headset Maker for Two Billion Dollars.
Slog drinking game rule #12: Every time Paul Constant says "think piece".
Mar 24 tacky commented on Is Seattle Dying? Is Seattle Dead?.
"Allentown" is a neighborhood in north Tukwila along the Duwamish River. In Allentown there used to be this weird mural on the side of a garage on S 133rd St. It was of two phrenology busts facing each other, one male, one female. They were about six feet tall and had an odd cartoonish character-- big lips and eyes, pencil thin necks expanding into broad shoulders.

It was painted over this summer. I don't think anyone complained that Allentown was dead after that. I'd say that as long as people are calling SLU "Allentown," completely unaware that another Seattle neighborhood has born that name for around a century, the real Allentown is alive and well.
Mar 4 tacky commented on Thinkin' One Thing and Doin' Another: James Mtume and Stanley Crouch on Miles Davis.
No fusion, no Thriller.

If it's hard to see fusion's influence, it's because it was so pervasive. Some things are too big to be seen.
Mar 1 tacky commented on The Saturday Morning News.
"Corporate profits are climbing higher while wages decrease."

Say what you will about Ron Reagan, at least he delivered on his promises.
Feb 21 tacky commented on Rainier Beach Produces As Many NBA Players "as Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the Bronx Combined.".
@11 addendum Seattle Prep has 2 guys as well.
Feb 21 tacky commented on Rainier Beach Produces As Many NBA Players "as Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the Bronx Combined.".
@6 Don't forget Terrence Williams. He's the D-League right now, but so is Peyton Siva. It's a 2.5-2.5 tie at the moment.
Feb 21 tacky commented on Rainier Beach Produces As Many NBA Players "as Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the Bronx Combined.".
The next NBA player from RBHS will be Shaqquan Aaron, who is going to Louisville for college next year. Shaqquan is not a Seattle native. He came up from CA just to play at RBHS.

Also keep an eye out for Vikings David Crisp (Tacoma native), who committed to play at UW, and Dejounte Murray, who is currently undecided. Hopefully he stays in Seattle to play for UW as well.

Anrio Adams used to draw Dwayne Wade comparisons. But it didn't work out for him at Kansas and he transferred twice in one year, which is never good.

Garfield and Franklin in Seattle, and also Bellarmine Prep and Curtis in Tacoma all have guys in the NBA. Basketball is without question Seattle/ Tacoma's sport. All the other ones suck balls/ are played outdoors in the semi-permanent wetness.

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