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Dec 30, 2014 mtn chick commented on I, Anonymous.
@ 16, 32, 33 - Is this where we conjure the most extreme stereotypes we can think of and chime in?!

Wow. I don't know anyone who practices yoga who behaves like you folks are describing. Maybe I've managed to avoid the trendy classes and self-absorbed yoga people? The people I have met through yoga are some of the least self-absorbed and most down-to-earth folks I've ever met, which is one of the reasons I continue to go. Hmmmm... I don't return to a class when I don't like the vibe or the instructor, so maybe I have managed to stay away from the people you describe?

My yoga experience consists of people interested in fitness and health, but who are often dealing with chronic challenges from sports injuries or just basic aging. Nobody preens or does poses at parties! It's a personal practice that we use to avoid chronic pain and minimize stress.

I feel sorry for you lot who have this impression of yoga, for it is far from the reality of yoga that I know. As foreign as your descriptions are to me, consider there are genuine, peaceful, contemplative, good souls who practice yoga that you clearly have never encountered. Perhaps the peaceful yoga folks don't feel the need to advertise their personal practices? You're apparently only hearing from the Kardashians of the yoga world!

And men who do yoga are typically pretty fit. And hot! Men who practice yoga do NOT have trouble getting laid. But keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better.
Oct 22, 2014 mtn chick commented on SL Letter of the Day: Say Goodbye To My Racist Family?.

Hang in there! It sounds like you all need more positive vibes in your lives. I'm going to guess that attempting a "fun" day with you and all 3 kids at the zoo (or something equally special/unique/engaging) would be like taking your entire chaotic household to a new venue, with public outbursts and picking at each other? What about finding a way to spend quality "fun" time with each child separately? Give you time to work on those individual relationships instead of what sounds like a war zone for everyone on a regular basis. (I have 2 younger brothers and my adolescence was pretty chaotic when any one of us was in a mood to pick at the others, though it was nothing like you describe with a toxic father in the mix. Kids just like to mess with each other and I doubt that will ever change.) Maybe talk to each child separately about being kinder to everyone in the family. Maybe do some intensive listening with each child - it seems like they are having an unmet need to be heard. When you get to a place where each child is no longer questioning your love for them, and you have some positive shared experiences to draw from in memory, it shouldn't matter what else happens with their father. Peace to you.
Jun 6, 2014 mtn chick commented on Not One More.
@53 Matt - But you can't conversely say that those Columbine boys were popular or well-adjusted. They wanted to kill their classmates. They didn't feel like they fit in among their peers. That seems kinda outcasty to me...
Jun 6, 2014 mtn chick commented on Not One More.
@11 Fnarf - C'mon! You can't be calling some dolt who left his loaded gun behind in a store a responsible gun owner.

Seriously, in order for this thing to shift to better gun control legislation, the anti-gun crowd will need the responsible gun owners as allies. They do exist, but I think they tend to seem invisible because they don't like yelling or confrontation and you rarely hear from them.
Jun 5, 2014 mtn chick commented on An Initiative to Require Background Checks in WA Just Raised $1 Million in 90 Minutes.
@12 CPN - Care to cite a source?

"Something like 98% of all guns purchased at gun shows are from dealers and are already under federal law, regardless of the 'gun show loophole' that gun-control nuts blather about (which also results in practically no crime)."

Firearms sold at gun shows in my state are predominantly by individuals. Dealers do not do well at shows because 1) they have to run checks and 2) they have to charge tax. Buyers fuss and complain and many dealers don't bother with shows anymore because the ROI is low. Therefore most gun sales at shows here undergo no checks. This is the loophole you claim doesn't exist.

Consider this:

1) If responsible gun owners are already undergoing checks, then requiring universal checks won't even affect them.

2) Writing up a sales receipt for a private gun sale is something that happens now. Not everyone does it, but prudent individual sellers know it's a good idea to cover their ass.

If universal checks passes, then individual sellers would have to have a background check run on buyers. They would either conduct the checks through an FFL by going to the counter and paying a processing fee, or they would ship the gun to an FFL and the buyer would do the check to pick it up (this is how online and interstate sales occur now), or the state or ATF would devise a new system for individuals to access a background check system. Everyone gets a receipt. If there is no log of the check, then the sale was illegal.

And despite what the anti-gun-control crowd believes, there is no "effective registration" occurring now as a secret sideline result of background checks. The FFL retains the gun info, which is never transferred to the ATF/FBI unless and until there is a crime committed with a gun. Then the LEOs compel the FFLs to consult the chain of paperwork, which typically involves digging through boxes of stored forms.
Jun 3, 2014 mtn chick commented on NRA Asks Gun Nuts to Stop the "Downright Weird" Practice of Carrying Big Guns Into Restaurants.
Common sense rules I grew up hearing:

1. Always handle a firearm as if it were loaded.

2. Never brandish a firearm unless you intend to use it.

If you see someone doing something asinine or disrespectful with a firearm, you may conclude that they do not fit into the category of responsible gun owner.
May 30, 2014 mtn chick commented on Slut-Shaming via Photoshop at Utah High School?.
@12 - I believe it was called the "drape". It was optional in my high school, but most everyone got it done as one of their poses. In my mom's HS yearbook, every gal had the drape.

Hey, in addition to the skiing in the Wasatch Mtns, don't pass up southern Utah! The Moab area is worth a trip - Arches National Park is quite a treasure as are Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon on the western side. Great vacation spot if you love the outdoors. Maybe not so awesome to live there if you aren't LDS...
May 15, 2014 mtn chick commented on Cat Saves Little Boy From Dog Attack.
I can attest to the possibility of a cat actually defending a human and not just clearing its territory. I used to live with someone else's small dog that was violent and horrible (should have been put down but not my decision to make.) My cat typically avoided the dog, and the dog was afraid of her with her claws, so they rarely interacted. One time the dog cornered me in a back hallway and was growling and snapping, and my cat came running in and attacked the dog. It was the only time she ever initiated contact with the dog.

I don't think it's something you can ever expect, but cats are definitely capable of non-asshole behavior.

As to the surveillance, the cameras seemed to be set up to give a nice view of the parked SUV. Probably home security for theft deterrent. If you're a techie and don't have to pay someone else to do the work getting it setup, not really an expensive system to get up and running - only a few hundred dollars for 8 cameras.

The sequence of events in the video(s) produce more questions. After running off the dog, the cat returns to the boy's side by running under the car, and then seems to retreat toward the home with the boy. After seeing that the boy's injuries don't appear to be life threatening, the mom's sudden departure seems to me to be running interference to be sure the dog is not returning for another attack. She did run away quickly, probably in response to a sound we didn't hear. It's like a movie with an unsatisfying ending. We need another few clips of security tape for a better conclusion to the story.
Apr 18, 2014 mtn chick commented on Do People Understand the Difference Between Washington State's Two Opposing Gun Initiatives?.
@9 I am not being disingenuous with the gun show loophole "bullshit." Perhaps others contained within the collective "you" are. I would not be against requiring background checks between private parties, but I am not one with a hidden agenda to ban all guns. C'mon, I live in WV - firearms are very commonplace here and more a part of the culture than in most places, and in a different way than, say, urban gangs.

I submit there is quite a difference between the anonymous sales at a gun show (in states where ID is not required) and private sales. A lot of private sales occur between people who know each other, and know them well enough to know they would pass a background check. Private sellers often decline to sell to someone who they aren't quite sure about, valuing the idea of the gun needing to stay in the hands of an upstanding citizen more than the profit from selling. People who regularly sell at gun shows, obviously, are motivated more by profit than the lady who just has a gun she doesn't want anymore.

Universal background checks does not mean there has to be a national gun registry. In fact, with the check system that is currently in place, the only thing that would need to change would be handling the increased volume of checks. I don't believe instituting a national registry is logistically possible, at least not without drastically changing the whole beast that is the background check system.

Closing the gun show loophole would not prevent all sales to criminals, clearly, but it would definitely eliminate a very easy way for criminals to obtain firearms. Then their only option that did not involve actively committing a crime would be to get one from an individual, and if they are sketchy enough, they're going to have a tough time. Responsible gun owners don't like to see firearms in the hands of sketchy people anymore than those who hate and fear guns. And trying to rob someone who has guns is not typically a wise action... go ahead, try and steal a gun from the dude up the hollar... triple dog dare ya!
Apr 18, 2014 mtn chick commented on Do People Understand the Difference Between Washington State's Two Opposing Gun Initiatives?.
@2 I can't speak to the gun shows in Washington, as I don't live there, but the "so-called gun show loophole" does exist in other states, and it is a real problem.

Just out of curiosity, do you have a source for your stat regarding gun purchases? Is there a law requiring membership in the gun shows, or is it just the way they currently operate?

Gun shows in WV are like the wild west (I know everyone is surprised to hear that!) Many sellers are not licensed dealers, do not conduct background checks, and sometimes do not even bother checking IDs. Many dealers actually shy away from gun shows these days because a lot of the gun buyers refuse to pay tax or have a background check run, and so the dealers don't do well selling when there are non-dealers at the next table. Felons in WV have little trouble obtaining firearms, and the gun shows are a reliable source, if not from a cousin or a neighbor. Or the same dude who also supplies your meth...

Aaah, the pros and cons of urban vs kuntry...