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Nov 27, 2012 Kinkos commented on Carbon Monoxide Detectors: What Do You Think?.
volunteer firefighter here - as annoying as they may be, i've seen them save lives. your furnace, fireplace, water heater, dryer, car, or some other form of incomplete combustion can kill you in your sleep. elderly man left his car running in his garage by accident; nearly killed himself and his neighbors - only reason he survived was because he was on oxygen. he was passed out but his CO detector going off was driving somebody else nuts so they called us. they're worth it.
Nov 18, 2011 Kinkos commented on "She's An Action Secretary!".
nikil saval has a nice piece on the invention of the cubicle and the 'action office' in n+1
Sep 14, 2010 Kinkos commented on Where Are You Reading Slog?.
My home office in Round Lake, NY. Moved here from Seattle two months ago. The big news out here recently has been that the police have caught two public masturbators in Albany. Most days in Seattle, I'd see at least that many public masturbators between 15th and 23rd on the #43 bus.
Jul 4, 2010 Kinkos commented on Confidential to Dan Who Used to Work at the Seattle Weekly.
$1 at qfc on 15th
Jun 19, 2010 Kinkos commented on Reading Today: Soul of a Citizen Bicyclist.
good writer, cashed in on book deal. the q&a from the audience was as cringe-worthy as ever.
Jun 1, 2010 Kinkos commented on Woman Tracks Down Alleged Purse Thief to Taco Bell, Reclaims Purse.
this begs for an embedded link to the combination taco bell pizza hut video...
May 9, 2010 Kinkos commented on Betty White on SNL.
really? dan savage, kinkos is disappointed in you.
May 5, 2010 Kinkos commented on Parks Department: There's No Easy Solution to Volunteer Park Encroachments.
solution: dump some more crappy 1% plop art in the encroaching backyards and call it the volunteer park sculpture park (redundancy intended).
Apr 29, 2010 Kinkos commented on The End of the Seattle Mystery Bookshop Sign Dispute.
@4 - waaaaaaaaaaa!
Apr 29, 2010 Kinkos commented on The End of the Seattle Mystery Bookshop Sign Dispute.