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Dec 23, 2012 freedomfighter joined My Stranger Face
Dec 23, 2012 freedomfighter commented on New Poll: Americans Overwhelmingly Support Stricter Gun Laws.
How are more gun laws going to stop someone from illegally buying assault weapons and ammo and sneaking into a school and doing the same thing again? Criminals can sell you anything you want, laws can’t stop that! Only armed citizens guarding our precious children can help stop the violence. Gun laws just make it safer for criminals to operate as they please, despite what the law says. WAKE UP AMERICA! Crime is less in states where carry permits are issued! Law enforcement wants citizens to carry and have in our homes, because they know criminals don’t want to get shot! We need harsher laws against criminals who sell guns and ammo illegally, not law abiding citizens. we need required care for mentally ill, prevent them from having legal access to firearms in the home, i.e.gun safes made affordable to all. There are so many things we can do that DO NOT include what the president and our law maker plan on, think of any country that have an outright ban on weapons and the average crime rate in those countries, I for one do not want my family to live in that kind of fear, that at any time someone, including law enforcement or the military, can just bust in and shoot everyone because they can, do you want to live like that, because thats where our government wants to take us!