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Dec 26, 2012 dingo chapness commented on Responsible Gun Owner: Twenty Dead Children a "Drop In the Ocean".
Admittedly the Black Panther armed contribution was a very strong pillar in the Civil Rights struggle, one which is papered over by a Ghanidfication of MLK. Without guns, resistance to police brutality is much harder (a baseball bat won't work).

On the other hand, the pharmaceutical equivalent (to take one example from the letter) would be unregulated medicines killing people as drugmakers could put poisons out as miracle cure-alls with impunity. We solved that particular social ill. A badly regulated gun market is also very solvable.
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Dec 26, 2012 dingo chapness commented on Two More Drops in the Ocean.
To add to the gun debate, from a WA Sup Ct case this year:

173 Wn.2d 752 (Wash. 2012)
270 P.3d 574
Bonnie ANTHIS, individually, and as Personal
Representative of the Estate of Harvey Allen Anthis,
Walter William COPLAND, Petitioner.
No. 85230-8.
Supreme Court of Washington, En Banc.
February 16, 2012

¶ 2 Sometimes lives are altered, even destroyed, so
suddenly and unexpectedly as to defy explanation.
Copland, a retired police officer from the city of Tacoma,
spent the day with a friend, John Stevens, in Kennewick,
Washington. They spent some time at the Burbank
Tavern in nearby Walla Walla County and then returned
to Stevens' house in Kennewick. In re Copland, No.
09-47782, 2010 WL 4809327, at *1 (Bankr.W.D.Wash.
Sept. 23, 2010) (unpublished).
¶ 3 On the way, Copland stopped to buy whiskey
and vodka. At Stevens' house Stevens' longtime friend
Anthis joined the pair. The three passed the afternoon on
Stevens' outdoor deck drinking and eating and enjoying
conversation about upcoming fishing trips. That evening,
in events described as " stunning both in their rapidity
and unexpectedness," Copland said to Anthis, " ' I could
shoot and kill you,' " and Anthis responded, " ' bring it
on.' " Id. Copland produced a .22 derringer and placed it
up to Anthis' right temple. No argument preceded the
exchange, and Anthis did not move. Stevens saw the
flash, heard the shot, and saw Anthis fall off his chair to
the floor. Copland then returned to his seat, put the gun in
his back pocket, placed his head in his hands and said, " '
Oh, my God, I've killed
Page 755
Al.' " Id. In a flash, two lives were destroyed.
¶ 4 Copland was convicted of first degree
manslaughter and is serving time in prison. See State v.
Copland, noted at 140 Wash.App. 1006, 2007 WL