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Dec 27, 2012 45bolverk commented on Who Wants to Put Up Some Money for a Seattle Gun Buyback Program?.
Wow, way to bury the story. The buy back program wasn't a success. The over paid for a bunch of guns, the people kept other guns and a few historical items are going to be melted. I bet LA is real safe now that grandma got rid of grandpa's m1 from the 1940's. or that broken shotgun some guy used as a club. Or the few "assault weapons" that we're probably stolen but never actually used in a crime.
Dec 27, 2012 45bolverk joined My Stranger Face
Dec 27, 2012 45bolverk joined My Stranger Face
Dec 27, 2012 45bolverk commented on Why Not Just Give Up the Pretense, and Convert Our Schools Directly into Prisons?.
I don't own a Glock ,I don't like them, I have a beretta 92. I keep all my guns locked up when not on me. So I plan and practice how to access my guns when needed. My wife also has a permit and happens to be a better handgun shooter than I am. Tyranny is relative and I am not comfortable with the governments you mentioned which is why I am an American. And as far as standing army concerns, the US's recent issues with the civil liberties have more to do with the police state and war on drugs than the army. Unless you are referring to the wars in the Middle East which those countries joined in on.