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Jun 16, 2015 hross361 commented on Did Developers Shoot Down Discussion of Rent Control on the Mayor's Housing Affordability Committee?.
The urban left's rent control guilty pleasure drives me crazy. Rent control is completely incompatible with urban sustainability and the laws of supply and demand. We have a problem in this city: too few available apartments. Build more, don't enshrine a problem. Indeed, it raises serious social justice questions for current tenants to fight for a locked in rent rate at the expense of future residents of the area.
Nov 13, 2014 hross361 commented on Amazon Settles Contract Dispute with Hachette—Does That Mean It's OK to Buy from Amazon Now?.
How much was the person who assembled your iPhone parts paid per hour?--I'm guessing a lot less than an Amazon wherehouse worker. I don't see why the Stranger is so sympathetic to publishing conglomerates. This article gives another angle that the Stranger is predictably unwilling to examine:…
Aug 1, 2013 hross361 commented on Gold Star Comment of the Day.
My first job was as a fish monger high-school sophomore. I worked as a part-time, bandsaw cleaner, crab cleaner, (fish-gutty) garbage taker-outer, and general work brute. We shipped fish across the country, and thus had to saw frozen fish into packageable sizes and shapes. Fish gut-dust is not like saw dust. Cleaning crabs was no fun either. Rip out the guts of an animal that you saw alive 30 seconds ago. And of course, I had to take out the trash after. The smell of warm, briny, fermented fish guts and juice on a hot summer day sticks with you.
Dec 28, 2012 hross361 commented on One Woman Commits Suicide, Another Fights For Her Life.
predicting (sarcastically or not) that males will instinctively attempt to justify rape will not lead to a real discussion about the issue. All it will turn into is a meaningless discussion about whether or not that type of sensationalist rhetoric was justified. nonetheless, that last sentence is like Rush Limbaugh style feminism, its trash.
Dec 28, 2012 hross361 joined My Stranger Face
Dec 28, 2012 hross361 joined My Stranger Face
Dec 28, 2012 hross361 commented on One Woman Commits Suicide, Another Fights For her Life.
what an irresponsible and lazy thing to write. group all men into a single mob of sex hungry villains, eager to justify gang rapes with steel pipes. I'm sure a male will read that post today and feel discouraged to make any effort in the future to understand and minimize the hardships faced by women across the globe. For, what good would any decent effort to empower women do if he'll remain pro-piperape in your eyes? Good job.