Jun 8, 2016 Dod commented on Council Questions $160 Million Price Tag for Three-Story Police Station.
And yet we STILL lack sidewalks throughout major areas of the north end. Go figure.
Jan 9, 2016 Dod commented on Seattle Police Arrest Two Suspects in Brent McDonald Murder.
Peace to those who knew and loved him.

May there be similar news soon about Donnie Chin's murderer(s). Another beloved community member whose life was taken far too soon.
Sep 6, 2015 Dod commented on F-You Rain! Hello, Babes in Toyland!.
As a former Minneapolitan and long-time Babes fan I REALLY wanted to see that show, but couldn't swing the cost for a ticket on top of $ for a sitter to make it happen. Sorry to hear about the downpour, but glad you got to see them. I was at the filming of that video (!) and have fond memories of so many great shows.
Aug 28, 2015 Dod commented on If You Didn't Go See Pippin Like I Told You to, You're Going to Have to Drive to Portland.
I didn't see your comments about the show until tonight, but last week I went at the urging of a friend who'd seen the Broadway revival numerous (yeah, he's that kind of freak) times. I didn't realize until the day of the show how many of the Broadway cast members were in the touring production, much less the legacy of Patrica and of the original Pippin acting now in the role of the king. I was very fortunate to get a ticket that I thought was in the third row, but turned out to be in the first. When the cast first came out and sang as an ensemble, Patricia stood in front of me and was very engaging. We shared a double thumbs up. It was a moment. I totally get the love of this show! It was, at least the first half, was one of the most enjoyable theatrical experiences I'd had to date.
Jun 26, 2015 Dod commented on What Is Puppy Play and Why Is It So Popular?.
@21 thank you, Khaz. I appreciate your comments.
Jun 25, 2015 Dod commented on What Is Puppy Play and Why Is It So Popular?.
I wish the article had talked about the intersection with furries. There has to be one, or a handful, no? Isn't two sides of the same coin? ...all about embracing a personae or your inner you, letting your freak flag fly (I say that in the most non-judgmental way, I swear), and letting go? I am dually intrigued by both subcultures and give folks credit for embracing and expressing who they are. Both pups and furries seem to use the animal/creature/whatever as the vehicle.
Jun 1, 2015 Dod commented on The Commenter Who Believes We're in a Conspiracy with Cherdonna Should Just Stop Reading The Stranger for a While.
Cherdonna remains my spirit animal. As a result, each Cherdonna-related reference, cover, feature brings me joy.
Mar 18, 2015 Dod commented on Don't Forget to Remember Tom Jones's Killer TV Show.
Added bonus: Fred fucking Willard is on the episode with Sammy Davis, Jr. Fred looks about 12. Epic.