Feb 7, 2014 Atl2Sea commented on Which Sketch Turned You into a Monty Python Fan for Life?.
@43 Make that the "Spanish Inquisition"!
Feb 7, 2014 Atl2Sea commented on Which Sketch Turned You into a Monty Python Fan for Life?.
"I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay.
I cut down trees, I skip and jump,
I like to press wild flowers.
I put on women's clothing,
And hang around in bars."

Jul 6, 2013 Atl2Sea commented on This Is Our World.
Combined, I have over a million frequent flyer miles on two airlines that I've flown regularly over the last 20 years. I'm a savvy traveler and aviation buff. However, in an emergency such as this, I'd probably grab the stuff I stored in the seat pocket and at my feet. All bets are off if I'm traveling with my dog in-cabin: I'm not going anywhere without him. I'd like to think I'd make sure I wasn't blocking anyone by retrieving his "sherpa" bag or taking extra time getting to the exit, but I can't be sure. It may be selfish to save my pet, but his travel case is a lot smaller than the roll-a-board one evacuee appears to be pushing. I do keep my cell phone, wallet, & keys handy, if not on my person, prior to landing. Imagine the hassle resuming travel without those documents post accident in this age. I can't imagine retrieving anything from an overhead bin after a crash landing, however.
Jun 13, 2013 Atl2Sea commented on Olive Way Starbucks Vandalized.
Refreshing to read a Slog brief against graffiti.
Now if Sloggers could stop posting photos promoting their favorite tag of the day. It graffiti is bad, its bad everywhere, even if its witty or topical.
Jun 13, 2013 Atl2Sea commented on Marco Rubio Says "I'm Done" If the Immigration Bill Protects Same-Sex Married Couples.
@1 Politics before country every time.

Rubio is so thirsty to run for President.
Dec 3, 2012 Atl2Sea commented on Respect the Five Feet!.
@ #3

Pol Pot: we have laws, and government for that matter, because society cannot rely solely on our fellow man's conscience to always act in a responsible manner. If you feel otherwise, you must live in a world where homes don't need doors, you leave your parked car or bike unlocked, and lease property to tenants without a lease because those hip, city dwellers are of course gonna pay their rent on time, every month like clockwork, and would never ever damage the property they're renting from you.

You're the dick for mocking people who obey laws and politely remind others of them. And, shame on the Stranger for posting this photo in a mocking manner. I'm willing to bet my right testicle that the Stranger's offices have door locks and that they retain legal counsel on contingency for any trespassing or copyright issues that might arise. Bloody hypocrites.
Oct 16, 2012 Atl2Sea commented on Friday Photo Fun: Best Seattle Graffiti.
@ 11
Sometimes everybody is at some point or another:

Oct 12, 2012 Atl2Sea commented on Friday Photo Fun: Best Seattle Graffiti.

I hope you're held partially responsible for any damage caused by the future handy work from any of these graffiti "artists" as your post advertises their work as something desirable. I don't want to see, stop, read, or think about vandalism any more than necessary. Thanks to you and this idiotic post, your fellow Seattle neighbors will likely be subject to much more of this god awful mess.

BTW: Placement of graffiti or stickers on the front side of a road sign is illegal in Seattle. I'd be curious if the city attorney would consider your promotion of these "best photo fun" examples of vandalism as aiding and abetting illegal activity. Your conviction and payment of a hefty fine might actually cause someone to "stop," "read," and "think" about the consequences of sophomoric behavior for more than a few seconds.

May the vapors of a 1,000 spray paint cans invade your breathing space whenever you promote graffiti again.
Sep 17, 2012 Atl2Sea commented on Graffiti Today.
What's the point of this posting? Glorifying graffiti by highlighting random "artists"?