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Dec 30, 2012 trenchgun commented on What I Would Do About Guns.

Just saying, but if we look at ze charts. States w/ High Gun-ownership and States with Low Gun-ownership vary on the ol' violent gun crimes metric seemingly at complete random. Some places have high ownership and high violence, and some areas have low ownership and high violence. Many place have High ownership and low violence.

Let's look at Europe, Luxembourg has completely outlawed the ownership of firearms, compared to Germany which has very high ownership for Europe. However Luxembourgs murder rate is roughly 6x that of Germany's. Those German's are obviously less safe, however, due to having guns, fact.

I guess you'll have to make up numbers to make guns-ownership dangerous. People who own weapons being 4.7 times more likely to be shot is a bullshit statistic.
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Dec 30, 2012 trenchgun commented on Lawmakers Blow Opportunity to Rethink the Way We Fund Our Roads.
Putting a premium on heavier cars, buses and Semis is a TERRIBLE idea. Buses take cars of the road, Semi-Trucks are vitarl to commerce. The cost of those taxes would be placed on the consumers. Roads are an investment in the economy of the state. Sacrificing a bit of the general budget for them brings in more cash for the government, and helps keep the cost of living lower for the people.

I suppose if you wanted to tax people's RVs that would make sense but even pickup trucks don't really fuck up the roads that much. Most damage is Semi's, Buses, government vehicles like Garbage Trucks and shit like that.

Think about the HUGE amount of spending to implement to a program like that. Tracking every vehicles weight, and mileage in order to tax people, fucking auditing people to make sure they actually drove that much, or people reducing weight to their cars. You'd have to have scales, fucking all sorts of shit.

FUCKING TERRIBLE idea. Seriously, The Stranger, shut the fuck up sometimes.