Jun 22, 2015 izzie commented on The Craftswoman Behind the Artist: An Interview with Florist Nisha Kelen About Bouquet XI.
Very cool. Thanks for highlighting and respecting the craftswoman, Jen!
Sep 23, 2013 izzie commented on Seven of Eight Arts Innovator Award Finalists Are Men.
Right on Jen.
Mar 23, 2013 izzie commented on Do You Want Me to Have Healthcare With That? Why Raising Restaurant Prices in Seattle Will Not End Society as We Know It.
The real question is why are we in a place where working people cannot afford healthcare? The answer is Universal Healthcare, not restaurants raising prices. It's putting a bandaid on an amputated leg.
Feb 6, 2013 izzie commented on An Interview with Art History Itself: The Painter, Champion, and Designer Rolon Bert Garner.
This is great! Had never heard of him before, thanks.
Jan 15, 2013 izzie commented on A Year of Tears, Fears, and Icelandic Men We Didn't Bang.
Dumb Eyes did not "change to Civilization", Dumb Eyes dissolved and two of it's former members formed a new company called Civilization. Dumb Eyes and Civilization are different companies. So for Civilization to inherit all of a different company's Facebook fans would be completely unethical and that's why Facebook doesn't allow it.
Apr 25, 2012 izzie commented on Stacey Rozich and Eirik Johnson Win the Neddy, Get $25,000 Each.
WTFPEOPLE you are, of course, entitled to your opinion on the quality of Stacey Rozich's art but to suggest she got the award because of her looks is disrespectful, sexist and absurd. I must add that I think it's actually outdated, elitist attitudes like yours that hold Seattle back in the national and international art scene, not Stacey Rozich winning a painting award. Rozich, and many other talented people in this city are pushing things forward and elevating Seattle artistically by injecting some new life into the scene and playing with genres. Refusing to conform to the received art establishment wisdom that conceptualism is the n'est plus ultra of modern artistic endeavour is actually looking increasingly progressive. To dismiss her work as 'greeting card' art is, in itself, hilariously snobbish and to berate her for artistically resembling 'a San Juan Island hippie' is just bizarrely insular! (You are aware that she has an international following, right?) One wonders who, exactly, reaches the lofty heights of true artistic eligibility in your eyes? I'm sure many 'conceptual' painters have won this award before and many will again, but this year it's been won by a wildly popular artist with a distinctive, energetic and accessible style. You don't have to like it but, really, get some perspective. Of course all artists must expect public criticism - it's part of the job, but your comments are just petty and vituperative.

Izzie Klingels,
Illustrator, Artist and Greeting Card Designer
Feb 1, 2012 izzie commented on Light Therapy.
It was a great event, really enjoyable. Seattle needs more of this kind of thing! Thanks to the organizers for what must have been a lot of work.
Aug 17, 2011 izzie commented on My Philosophy.
which loosely translated means "don't criticize me because i am above criticism and if you are not rich and famous you are worthless and do not deserve to have an opinion, even if it is your job to have an opinion." And as you already stated Larry Mizell Jr did do it, he just was not as 'successful' at it.
Aug 17, 2011 izzie commented on My Philosophy.
And Seattle Slog commenters are better at pointing out unrelated failings in Seattle Slog writers than saying anything interesting.
Aug 17, 2011 izzie commented on My Philosophy.
He's not writing about the actual music because Jay Z and Kanye, in this incarnation, at this time, are not really about the actual music. They are just about the blinkered glory of success and money and their own belief in their mutual fabulousness and how amazingingly talented and special and deserving of their obscene lifestyle they are. That's not same as not promoting a rise against the machine, that is being the machine.