Aug 22, 2013 Stripes commented on Morning News: Legitimate Rape Nostalgia, Syrian Scrutiny, and God Denounces Creationism.
@15 is right, don't read them! I know hearing how bad something is often piques my curiosity, but just say no! You would think of all news pieces, the Wentworth Miller-coming out in solidarity with persecuted fellow gays-one wouldn't bring out so much vitriol. But yikes
Jul 10, 2013 Stripes commented on The Great Ballard Ice Cream Battle.
Thank you for mentioning Full Tilt! I'm still sore from its omission in last week's Suggests issue: Shorty's, John John's, Add-a-Ball, Grizzled Wizard, the Pinball Museum, and ... GAMEWORKS???

I would say the Stranger should be ashamed of overlooking the Ballard Full Tilt; but it's more that you should be embarrassed for devoting a paragraph to a chain that has ONE PINBALL MACHINE while ignoring the dozen+ tables, not to mention arcade machines, that Full Tilt has.

But I'll take what I can get. Full Tilt's lemon marshmallow, as @9 notes, is wonderful!
May 24, 2013 Stripes commented on Taking Pictures of the Neighbors Through Their Windows.
I've seen people in other forums arguing about drawing blinds and maybe not living in -literally- glass houses. But for me, one's reasonable expectation of privacy stands if these scenes weren't visible from the street. And it seems they weren't.

Unlike the author of the article, I don't think the freedom and right of expression by artists is put in any perile by saying, Hey maybe don't point your telephoto lens into somebody else's house.

But then, I'm sort of the type of person to say a lot of art is bullshit and nonsense because often it is; and it astounds me that people would pay to own it, or even just pay to see it. Doesn't mean I actually want to stop anyone from making it or buying it.

These images? In my personal opinion, fuck that guy. I don't know if he actually has done anything illegal; but it's certainly unethical. These people are in their homes (it shouldn't matter if it is a luxury block of condos or a simple brick building) and they have a reasonable expectation of privacy. Someone else's life is not your art to take and make and call your own; I'm sorry, I guess I can't muster a lot of sympathy for this man or others who would do the same as him.
Apr 15, 2013 Stripes commented on Today in Depressing Headlines.
I'll never be able to stomach this kind of argument framing:

"Certainly, young girls cannot be held to account for responding to signals from the dominant culture that it’s OK to be sexually provocative, especially if they’re receiving insufficient countervailing guidance at home or in school.

But boys and young men get the same message and respond predictably."

~So forget everything I said before, boys will be boys!~ Yuck
Feb 28, 2013 Stripes commented on Local Juice Company Accuses Stranger Writer of Being a Food and Alcohol Addict.
Ahhhh, Strawberry Typo City!!!
Feb 19, 2013 Stripes commented on My Mouth has Fallen in Love with Fake Meat.
I know you asked for restaurants, but I've been loving Gardein Mandarin Orange Crispy Chick'n nugget thingies from Costco. They come frozen, if you bake them in the oven instead of microwave, they are out of this world! Clearly there is good fake-meat out there, it's just taken me years to locate it!
Jan 4, 2013 Stripes commented on Hard Candy and the Rape Crew.
@14 I wholeheartedly agree with this! There's so much talk about how to handle this, the future of the accused, etc. So very little, that I've seen, about the girl, the victim.

I also agree that this should follow them their entire lives. Can you remember when you were 16? Or even younger? Sure, you may have been immature. But you had morals did you not? I know I did. By and large, I have the same personality and makings I did when I was 16. And just somehow I managed to never commit any atrocious crimes. Most of us did like that. Age in this case, is just not good enough of an excuse not to hold the individuals responsible, sorry.

There's something wrong with them, I'm sure upbringing is in play. But even just minimally experiencing the world, I'm thinking of school here, I think it's reasonable to assume that most children develop an understanding of what is right and wrong, at least by their teens. Don't cut these boys loose. Hold them accountable.
Sep 30, 2012 Stripes commented on "Seattle's Westlake Park has been taken over by urchins and gangs who sell drugs and menace everyone else in the area.".
@57 I really appreciate the input of someone who actually treats others as fellow humans. This woman strikes me as the kind of person who can't wait to become a martyr of some sort. Like, I can imagine someone getting fed up with having a camera stuck in their face and lashing out at her. I bet she'd love it. I'm a non-violent person, so I don't want that as a solution. Just thinking out loud that there are some people who so badly want to feel like victims, like this lady.

Also, for whatever it is worth, I've been busing around downtown for several years and have walked through Westlake at all hours of the day and into the night, and never had even an ounce of trouble from anyone of these "urchins". I have, however, been bugged nearly daily by the vest-wearing charity workers, who'd like me to give them my credit card number and signature right then and there ("Yes, here you are sir/madame, my credit card number and the little three-digit security number, oh and my signature. Here, just take it, I'm sure it's in good hands :P).

At least people panhandling have the practical sense to ask for cash. Which, if I don't have I politely say so and keep walking. Never been chased down by a street person, but I HAVE been pursued by a charity worker. Go figure!
Jun 21, 2012 Stripes commented on Space Needle Refuses to Fly Pride Flag.
I think the big deal, @24 and others, is that is seems like such an awesome show of solidarity when they fly it. I don't think anyone actually believes the Space Needle needs to validate their sexuality, come on you're just being obnoxious saying that. I see little downside with the Pride flag being flown, and plenty of negative reaction and disappointment with the declaration that it won't be flown. So really, what's to lose by flying it for a week or so every year?

Personally, when I see ANY flag other than that of the US hoisted above the Needle, I feel so happy and excited that such an icon of the city can share in the carefree spirit of displaying an enormous Angry Bird, or the oneness of our NFL team's flag, or in the warm and fuzzy feeling that comes with supporting Gay Pride. Gay Pride, since people love to forget, exists because gay people have been marginalized, by other people, by society, and by their government. So when I see my oblivious Midwest friends back home join Facebook groups called "Straight Pride", I want to shake them by their shirt collars. You know that's not a fair comparison at all!

Basically, what's the big deal with flying it? By flying it and then not a year or two later, the Space Needle makes it seem as though they're caving to pressure. Whereas, had they never flown it, that would be another matter. Come on guys, just everyone lighten up a little and be supportive of all the diversity in our city! Oh, and by the way, I LOVE the throwback orange, and I vote it should be kept that way, much longer than six months at least!
Dec 2, 2011 Stripes commented on Enter the Ron Paul GIF Hall of Horrors...If You Dare.
@2 I'd love it if I could have an endless supply of that drunky-lip-biting pout she makes in that interview. I can't be arsed to look for it now, but it's branded on my mind, so I guess I don't even need the visual...