Yeah, it's a copy of that.

Nov 21 Sean commented on This Week, Political Rhetoric Somehow Became Even Shittier.
So now he's "imperial". Remember when it was somehow bad that he was "anti-colonial"?
Oct 3 Sean commented on What Are You Doing Today? What Are You Doing Tonight?.
I'm going to the Georgetown Orbits CD Release show at Royal Room. Old School Ska and Reggae and such.
Aug 8 Sean commented on And They Will Know We Are Christians By Our....
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand they seem to have already taken down their contact us page. That'll fix it.
Jul 22 Sean commented on An Earworm Full of Mingus' B.S..
One of the greatest American composers, full stop. His legacy isn't what it could be since he was in jazz and fairly late, but he deserves to be up with Gershwin in American musical history. Something more orchestral:…
Jul 7 Sean commented on A List of the First 24 Stores to Sell Legal Pot!!.
Kind of amazing how poorly King County is served here. Am I correct in seeing exactly 2 stores, one each in Seattle and Bellevue?
Jul 7 Sean commented on A Bunch of Burning Questions about Legal Pot Answered.
Is there any kind of listing anywhere of the stores that are going to be opening? I've been completely unable to find one and I'm not well served here in south King County by the one that's there to serve Seattle. But I've no idea if there's one that'll be more convenient.
Apr 10 Sean commented on God Sends Sign to Mars Hill Church.
The source of the picture is a famous piece of graffiti in Brighton, England. It is, indeed a Banksy. Apparently, though, it's been removed and shipped to an art gallery in NY, though. Pity the billboard apparently isn't real.
Mar 5 Sean commented on Don't Call it the Civil War (A Memorial).
And the claim that the confederacy was recognized as an independent nation world wide is simply a lie. One of CGPGrey's excellent videos about how many countries there are (answer: it's complicated) brings up that issue specifically.…
Feb 25 Sean commented on Russell Wilson Would Welcome a Gay Seahawk.
@10: if you have a glance over @4, you'll see that Wilson and Driscoll at least know each other as at least one interview has occurred between them
Feb 17 Sean commented on Everything Is Happening All the Time.
@4: Hover your mouse over the image. The author notes that these are averages and laments not being able to include the pitch drop experiment.

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