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May 23, 2012 badempire commented on Bumbershoot to Skip Flatstock This Year.
Chihuly museum should host it.
Nov 1, 2010 badempire commented on Did You Know You Can Vote By E-Mail?.
You can vote in person at Union Station, I did earlier today. It's open tomorrow as well. Ignore the accessibility stuff, DISABILITY NOT REQUIRED:…
Aug 31, 2009 badempire commented on Re: Why Maury Island Matters.
Old owner of Croc? Who, Peter Buck?
Jul 30, 2009 badempire commented on Number of the Day: $16,000.
I've done events there, and that sounds about right. Remember, he's catering to a different crowd than us who'd happily set up our buffet with dumpster dived day old vegan pastries from Madison Market.
Jul 7, 2009 badempire commented on Drunk of Week: Newest Craziest Celebrity Mugshot?.
DOW yes, craziest not. Good to see she's still partying, though too bad she decided to drive. :P
May 19, 2009 badempire commented on The Hump of Irrelevance.
It would be helpful to note that this graph was created based on her observation and no actual data...
May 18, 2009 badempire commented on Obama and the Sounders.
How about the massive year long media blitz, early community buy in opportunities and the fact that another team left town? I'd say it's more a fact of a really effective marketing campaign and the vacuum created when the Sonics got sent off packing. No soccer team prior has done so much advertising or ran such an effective media campaign.