Mar 11 loosenut commented on That One Time I Tried to Micro-dose on LSD, But Accidentally Took Too Much….
"Hallucinogens" is a term that is falling out of style. It implies that the substance is causing you to see something that isn't there, when in fact psychedelics ("mind-manifesting") open up your senses (and sometimes warp them). I like the description that they are "non-specific amplifiers".

Sounds like a few of the commenters have had experiences that have been difficult. When one takes a psychedelic and the boundaries between the acceptable parts of ourselves and the less acceptable parts begin to dissolve, that can be very painful. Most, if not all, people have invested a significant amount of energy, early on, into constructing our psyches in a way that allows us to feel okay about our vulnerabilities. Which is why one should be very careful with these substances - the whole house of cards may fall down. For some people, they are very dangerous. For others, it is a matter of being able to understand what is showing up for you in that open space. I've done a lot of work at the MAPS Zendo at Burning Man, holding space for people who are having difficult experiences on psychedelics. It often times really helps people to have someone caring and compassionate hold your hand while they are sifting through the silt of their psyche. Trauma, early wounding, old buried pain... these things can all surface. If you aren't ready for that, the old mechanisms of running away can really get activated and also fail, and that can be terrifying. In the right context, in a supportive, intentional container, those wounds can be healed.

Generally speaking, we're talking normal doses here. Microdosing is a different beast, to some degree. It can be great for enhancing creativity or boosting energy. And (as in the Katie's case), microdosing can be used to address psychological issues. Maybe someone will get lucky and it will resolve everything. But my advice is to get professional help *in conjunction* with microdosing (if you are inclined to microdose in the first place). The microdosing can make one more aware of the stuff that is coming up (similar to normal doses but not so overwhelming), and combined with what is learned in therapy, it can help with the integration of that material. I don't see psychedelics as a panacea, nor something to relieve symptoms, but as a tool to add to the toolbox which can deepen one's understanding of oneself. A very powerful tool, which, when used properly and with care and respect, can allow one to really resolve some of one's deeper issues.

I hope this helps.
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Jun 13, 2011 loosenut commented on Dear Street Canvassers, Stop..
@93 is spot on. These guys are aggressive. I can't walk to lunch without someone jumping in front of me trying to hand me a flyer. I don't expect them to have perfect recall and remember the last time I said "no", so maybe I need an opt-out card taped to my forehead.

Obviously we can't rely on common decency. So maybe we could pass a law that forbids certain behaviors for solicitors. Such a law should include, at least: do not move your body or limbs to interfere with someone's direction of travel.

Also, it might be a impossible to legislate, but I'd also like it if they would give up after I tell them "no" the first time. And please don't interrupt the conversation I'm having with my friend.

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@19, not if they're illiterate, Canadian, fat, poor, mentally ill, blind, deaf, alcoholic white straight male Christians. There's a lot of ways to be marginalized.
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La Purga!
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That name always pissed me off too. Kinda like "Carl's Jr."