Sep 30 lrb commented on It's Time to Free Lolita, a Puget Sound Killer Whale That's Been Trapped in Miami for 45 Years.
I bookmarked this article to re-visit any time I make the mistake of thinking there is something redeeming about our species.
Sep 23 lrb commented on Louie Gong Set to Launch Line of Wool Blankets, the First Ever to Be Produced by Native-Owned Company in United States.
Max, the Navajo have a long tradition of weaving very fine blankets and some of the best examples are in museums. I have seen some for sale for tens of thousands of dollars. Antiques Road Show featured one worth several hundred thousand.
Sep 4 lrb commented on The Federalist: Baptists Aren't Christians.
@2 amen. My mythology is the correct one and the rest of you will go to hell (facepalm).
Sep 4 lrb commented on Hatchet Jobs.
@1 and @2 are spot-on.

We're all still working 40+ hour weeks, with no guaranteed vacation or sick time, despite all the "technological advances" of the past half-century. Anyone who thinks that smartphones represent "progress" should re-read Charles Mudede's essay.
May 28 lrb commented on The Morning News: Testing Reform in Olympia, Rape Investigation at a UW Frat, Vote on Parks Smoking Ban Tonight.
georgeingeorgetown, one could argue that the correct response to an aggressive driver while giving a ticket is to simply let the driver go, and arrest them later, at home. Situation de-escalated.
May 14 lrb commented on I'm a Cook and I Want You to Keep Your Tips.
Try to imagine an electrician or a finish carpenter accepting minimum wage after 20 years on the job.

The electrician is, most likely, unionized. Perhaps other workers should start following suit.
May 13 lrb commented on New York Is the Worst Megacity in the World.
Change has to be imposed

I couldn't agree more. Unfortunately, this is also why significant change will never happen in the US.
Mar 16 lrb commented on New Column!.
As already mentioned, DST is amazing in the summer. I start work at 6AM, am done by 2 or 3, and have 6+ hours of daylight in which to go outside and have fun.

PST is what needs to DIAF.
Jan 6 lrb commented on Guest Editorial: Washington State Has a Morally Bankrupt Tax System, and Here's Why.
@14 - couldn't have said it better. How about ending corporate tax giveaways?