Dec 8 lrb commented on The Morning News: Eastern Washington Wants to Become Its Own State, Snow Is Expected Today.
I live in Spokane, and every time someone talks negatively about "the West side" I remind them that without King and Snohomish Counties, Washington State would barely have an economy, and welfare counties like Spokane would be shit out of luck.

Sometimes that is enough to get the idiots to shut up.
Nov 11 lrb commented on Everett and Tacoma Are Also Deep Blue.
Disregarding the rest of Washington state residents who vote "blue" is getting tiresome.
Nov 9 lrb commented on Live Reports from Election Night 2016: We're Everywhere, Watching Everything!.
@35 my vote, for Clinton, from the East side of WA state counted as much as your vote. This is a good example of the attitude called out in other comments (like @58) here that leads people to vote for candidates like Trump.
Oct 19 lrb commented on Guest Editorial: Why A Vote for Steve Litzow is a Vote for the NRA.
Mike Padden is a representative from Spokane Valley, which is a far more conservative area than the City of Spokane.
Oct 6 lrb commented on Savage Love.
I second what @66 says about riding a recumbent bike. I can ride 50 - 100 miles on mine and only feel tiredness in my legs - no sore butt, shoulders, neck, wrists ... or other sensitive areas.
Jun 10 lrb commented on Ijeoma Oluo on "Trickle-Down Progressivism".
I agree with @6 and @30. There are two paths to power: money, and numbers. If you don't have the former, the best use of your time is organizing people to vote as a bloc, unionize and act as a cohesive group. Shouting loudly, especially into the void of the internet, will get you nowhere except to alienate your allies.
Jun 3 lrb commented on High-Speed Police Chase on Aurora Predictably Ends With Crash.
Returning to the 55mph speed limit (and lowering limits in general) would save lives and fuel.
Feb 23 lrb commented on Rest In Peace, Renato Bialetti.
The white substance in your Bialetti was probably aluminum oxide, which is harmless. The "link" between Alzheimer's and aluminum is correlative, at best.