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When my son was in middle school, I used the family desktop to troubleshoot a problem with my Kenmore washer. When I input “Ken--” it autocompleted “Kendra Wilkinsons naked ass.” This was back when anything autocompleted had definitely been searched on the same computer. I immediately looked at his browsing history and saw that, in addition to being (probably) hetero, he was also looking for answers about normal development. I knew we needed to talk.

I waited a few days until we were on our way to hockey -- a 45 min drive with a captive audience! I started by telling him that I’d found he’d been looking at porn. It’s totally normal to look at porn, I said, and he jumped in immediately and said he knew it was normal. He was confident and unapologetic, but not belligerent. So I affirmed the popularity of porn. But also the banality of it. It isn’t representative of real sex or relationship and it shouldn’t be construed as such. And besides, I teased, he was supposed to be doing homework after school, not surfing for porn. Getting him to laugh made the rest of the conversation easy.

Because he was so young (13?), I encouraged him to, as Dan has said in the past, make himself datable at 18. Focus on making yourself smart, funny, fit, I said, all that stuff that makes people attractive. I also encouraged him to wait. When children delay sex and drugs they make better decisions about both. I made sure he grasped that this wasn’t a big fat no but rather a take your time. Wait. You’ll make better choices when you do engage.

But I’m a realist. So I got him to laugh again by saying if you decide to have sex anyway, make sure to use a condom because any girl stupid enough to have sex with you at 14, isn’t smart enough to be the mother of your baby.

This conversation -- not our first about sex but funny and thorough -- was the start of an openness about sex and drugs that has persisted as he’s grown into a man.

These main points (desire is normal, take it slow, love will happen for you, be safe, be smart, do your homework, I love you) should be communicated parent to child, regardless of orientation, and probably whether or not you find your kid’s stash.
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How about conflating two questions? Whiskey shots from the navel.
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