Oct 24, 2014 Megan commented on SL Letter of the Day: Clitoral Indirection.
Any time I get depressed about the state my life is in, I remind myself that hey, at least I haven't wasted the last 15 years repeatedly posting on some dude's blog, reminding him of the stupid shit he said over a decade ago. And then I feel better.

CLIT, you might also try playing with your clit through a layer of fabric (i.e., while still wearing underwear) to reduce sensitivity a bit. Plus then you get to play around with cute lingerie...
Sep 26, 2014 Megan commented on Bill Cosby Is Either a New Andy Kaufman or a Very Old Bill Cosby.
It's too deliberately funny to be genuine senility. I've had experience watching a funny, brilliant man going senile (my grandfather, RIP) as well as many others (I volunteered in a geriatric hospital for 4 years).

There were a handful of moments of inadvertent humor, but most of the time it was just awkward and painful, both for the person suffering and those observing. I don't see that underlying look of panic in Bill Cosby that I saw in my granddad or the other patients I worked with.
Aug 29, 2014 Megan commented on The Official Trailer for Transparent.
Chloe Sevigny in Hit & Miss was also a cis woman playing a trans woman.

I can understand the frustration at a cis man playing this role when there's a grand total of one trans woman playing a trans woman in a current or recent tv show/movie. Something tells me there's more than one good trans woman actress out there right now.
Jul 14, 2014 Megan commented on How Badly Did Brazil Lose This World Cup?.
I agree with your point that Brazil should have as much right to blow billions on frivolous sports projects as the US or any other country. But it's FIFA who's at fault, really, for not just allowing but encouraging short-sighted decisions about where and how to host the World Cup.

I've been lucky enough to attend 4 World Cups (USA, Germany, South Africa, and Brazil). Only in the first two, where infrastructure and stadiums were largely in place to begin with, did the tournament not cost an appalling amount for very little return to the country. in South Africa at least they got some freshly paved highways out of it, but I've been to Capetown to see the abandoned boondoggle of the stadium there. In Brazil, we drove from Salvador to Recife, and the entire 12 hour trip was full of half-finished projects like the picture in this article, interspersed with villages where the houses were made of scavenged sticks and plastic sheeting.

And out of this mess, FIFA will make a 4.5 billion dollar profit. In Rio, Belo Horizonte, Salvador, Recife, and Natal (the cities I visited), I heard or saw "FIFA go home" or variations of it ten times more often than anything about Dilma Rousseff or the Brazilian government. Sure, those leaders should have done better, but it's FIFA that's to blame for allowing wasteful projects and then not even ensuring they get finished in time unless it's a stadium.

Also, the country is spelled Colombia.

May 29, 2014 Megan commented on Misogyny Kills Men Too.
@3-- What you've just described is one of the many ways misogyny hurts men. If women are primarily valued for the sex they provide to men, then the men who don't or can't have sex with women are also de-valued.

It's why being a male virgin is shameful. It's why gay men and gay sex are gross and you'd better be careful not to show any male-male affection unless it's very carefully within acceptable forms. It's why effeminate means lesser and the guys who are effeminate are lesser as well.

Misogyny hurts all of us. Focusing on Elliot Rodger's misogyny doesn't ignore or diminish his male victims-- it helps explain them.
Apr 22, 2014 Megan commented on Is It Okay to Bring a Big Gulp to a Fancy Restaurant?.
Having worked in restaurants and retail, I think it's a great thing to see chefs, customer service reps, etc. rant about shitty customers on social media. The idea of the customer is always right is pernicious bullshit and just excuses certain people acting like complete assholes.

Don't want to hear a chef/server/cashier complain about your idiotic, unreasonable, or douchey behavior? Then don't act that way in the first place.

If you expect service-oriented employees to treat you courteously so you don't complain, then learn to treat them the same way. Or suck it up when you get mocked on Twitter for it :)
Apr 6, 2014 Megan commented on Game of Thrones Season Three Recap.
Sadly, the Salon writer seems to be confusing fantasy as a genre with the concept of fantasy as a dream you *want* to happen. Nobody sensible watching GoT or reading the books would want to live in Westeros-- it's a crapsack world, for fuck's sake.
Jan 7, 2014 Megan commented on Ms. Marvel Author Addresses Anti-Muslim, Sexist Jerks.
I've been reading more graphic novels and comic books the last couple years, but I got into the genre/medium via webcomics. Less gatekeeping so there's some really great work coming from LGBT or POC authors, perhaps. I'm intrigued by the new Ms. Marvel, largely because I loved Alif the Unseen.
Jan 5, 2014 Megan commented on Locked in Rooms of Their Own.
It's good to see you take your goal of gender parity seriously. Excoriating yourself for 17 out of 42 seemed silly to me at first, but then replies like 2, 8, and 9 come along. We make excuses why it's statistically insignificant or that we tried to do better so it's ok. But how many book reviewers even look at their numbers, much less care enough about them to write a regret?

Anyway, Paul, if you want to review an excellent book written by a woman, I'd suggest The Panopticon, by Jenni Fagan. It's about a Scottish teenage delinquent who's waiting to find out if she's being sent to prison for attacking a police officer. The characters are amazing and the writing is excellent, though fair warning on a lot of Scottish dialect and slang.
Nov 27, 2013 Megan commented on The Morning News: Now With Sports Stories!.
Strawberry rhubarb is awesome, but raspberry rhubarb is even better.

I'm off to make my Thanksgiving staple pie-- chipmunk pie, which is basically a pecan pie plus apples and hazelnuts and minus the sickly sweet corn syrup.