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Jan 4, 2013 IABowlingTV joined My Stranger Face
Jan 4, 2013 IABowlingTV joined My Stranger Face
Jan 4, 2013 IABowlingTV commented on Gay Bowler Wins Championship, ESPN Airs a Gay Kiss, World Does Not End.
Hello Dan,

I tried messaging your email but it kept bouncing back. My
name is Jaime Perez, I run create the content for www.iabowling.tv and I
am good friends with Scott Norton as well as his PR person now after we
finally broke the story.

IABowling.tv is made up of me, a gay bowler who does behind the scenes
videos for all the ESPN PBA shows, including the one from Scott's event
(which I have attached below in case you haven't seen it). The other part
of the company is my best friend and also a gay bowler RJ Guimond, he
does all the professional photography for the event, we also do it free
of charge with our own equipment and travel expenses, simply to promote
bowling. Scott has been in a few of my videos and we were actually just
going to start shooting a "A Day in the Life of a Bowler"
segment and Scott was going to be our first participant.

The day the show aired I had uploaded the clip of Scott's win on ESPN I
tried my best to spread the story, going as far as creating a Reddit link
with the title "First Gay Kiss on ESPN!" Of course being just
one person wasn't going to do anything, so I finally got the attention of
OutSports as well as the Editor Compete gay sports magazine, who is
featuring Scott in next month's issue, along with our pictures.

Scott did not expect the type of attention he got and even hours before
the first OutSports article came out I had told him to not forget the
little people when he became a gay icon/hero. His response was "Yeah
right, a bowler will never be able to do anything like that." Lo and
behold the story broke into what it is now, with a BIG push by us
spreading the story, pictures and videos everywhere we could. You can see
our company's name as well as RJ's and my name in the original article
(also below).

My friend RJ and I were originally really sad to see nobody had picked up
the story after a few days and decided we would try our best to change
that, both for bowling and for the gay movement and it worked, or at
least we caused some stir. I work closely with the PBA and they were not
going to do anything with the story either and they had already moved on
to advertising next week's event, so that pushed us more to promote

Well that's enough backstory I suppose. The reason I am emailing is
because Scott is a HUGE admirer and follower of you and everything you
have done for the gay movement. I am reaching out to as many media
outlets I can so we can continue spreading the story for the good of gay
and bowling. Scott has been approached by a few PR people but since he
decided he wants to take this more the route of promoting bowling instead
of himself, hence why he asked me to help him out as my main focus has
always been bowling.

If you decide you'd like to use Scott for any type of story or interview
or anything of the sort please let me know so I can relay that to him. I
will also be contacting other gay and straight media outlets to see if
anybody is interested in doing more with his story, as I am hoping they
are. Our contact email is Media@BowlingEsquire.Com.

Oh, and Scott was also on Huff Post Live today, along with Ben Cohen. If
you have not watched the segment it's also below and the picture attached
is of Scott and I during the event.

Thank you for your time,

Jaime Perez

Original OutSports article:

Behind the Scenes of Scott's
Event: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5UO9EmIng…

Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/01/02…