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Jun 12, 2012 lori, ohio commented on Gay Man Marries Straight Woman, Enjoys Fucking Her, Writes Blog Post About It, Internet Explodes.
@107 Noadi is right. And "bingo" to Dingo @97.
Jun 11, 2012 lori, ohio commented on Gay Man Marries Straight Woman, Enjoys Fucking Her, Writes Blog Post About It, Internet Explodes.
@32 & @24, together, really nail it for me--32 is longish and worth reading. The creepiness of "we're writing this together BECAUSE WE ARE SO IN LOVE, EVERYONE! SEE ALL THESE SMOOGLY PICTURES!!!! + the emphasis on the need for biological children, and how he still thinks any action on same-sex attraction is sin.... A seemingly nice, thoughtful creep, but still a creep. And a creep who is now a poster child for LDS anti-gay crap AND who is giving psychotherapy to LGBT teens.
Jun 10, 2012 lori, ohio commented on "Can we talk instead of shout about gay marriage?".
"I struggle with the idea of gay marriage and I can't seem to put my finger on why."

What you wrote--about the "visceral" reaction that you're not proud of--feels really honest, and for that I commend you. From what you said, I think you're on the verge of realizing that your "balking" at marriage is the deep, residual roots of a homophobia you've just about, but not quite, rooted out. I doubt you'd feel like you have the right--based on a not-fully understood gut feeling--to veto any marriage among people you know, so at some level, you know that you don't really have any right to 'balk' at the marriages of people you admit that you really know nothing about.

It sounds like this visceral reaction to gay marriage bothers you, so you might start by reading the stories of gay couples in love, since you're not in a place where you're in contact with lots of real couples. Here are some: http://www.marriagefairness.org/gay_marr…

(If you're interested in a philosopher's argument that the biggest factor in changing our minds is that we get just used to something, read section 5 of this article by Kwame Anthony Appiah: http://www.nytimes.com/2006/01/01/magazi…. Short version: there's a lot of evidence that what makes for real social change is not arguments and logic, but just "getting used to" seeing and interacting with people who embody whatever social change has seemed wrong or troubling before.)
Feb 25, 2012 lori, ohio commented on Because Guns Make Children Safer.
@55--But pool owners have been held accountable for negligence or creating an attractive nuisance by not adequately protecting children from their pools: http://www.legalmatch.com/law-library/ar…

And to others who have mentioned the education solution, there's little evidence that education programs are effective: the best research seems to suggest that the only way to significantly reduce children's death from guns is to remove the guns from the home: www.seesac.org/uploads/studyrep/Gun_safe…
Feb 2, 2012 lori, ohio commented on Systemic Bias in Family Court—or just Selective Fact-Finding?.
Christopher Rao, you clearly have the patience of a saint.
Feb 2, 2012 lori, ohio commented on Mark Driscoll, Mars Hill Church, and The Merchant of Venice.
Isn't a monument pretty much a graven image? I'm not sure godly people should be using those as an index of greatness...
Jan 18, 2012 lori, ohio commented on Maybe Public Schools Would Benefit from Less Competition....
Did anyone read about Finland as @1 posted: it's arguably the best school system in the world, having had very mediocre results previously, and private schools there ARE outlawed. And teachers are well paid and the job has high status. Crazy!
Dec 16, 2011 lori, ohio commented on Christopher Hitchens.
Hitchens did not sacralize the dead or recently dead, and never shrunk from critiquing them, so, while I agree that he was an amazing writer in many ways and I read him kind of compulsively, stuff like this needs to be said (from the New Yorker comment blog):

'I had little time for Hitchens given what a polemicist he was, notwithstanding his outstanding abilities as a writer and reporter. But what became clear to me while reading the article above was how often the issue revolved around himself, rather than the issue in question. This was illustrated best in the example given about the funeral of WFB when Kissinger got up to speak; while Hitchens felt it necessary to recuse himself from listening to the former Secretary of State, it occurred to me that that was entirely inappropriate: the funeral was about WFB, not about was Hitchens thought of the eulogist(s). Hitchens was too often the story, and I consider that a significant failing. May he rest in peace.'
Oct 17, 2011 lori, ohio commented on Bishop Romney Tried to Force a Woman to Go Forward With a Risky Pregnancy.
@24 I'd be--sincerely--interested in what changed your mind, rhymeswithlibrarian.