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Jan 6, 2013 Don Al joined My Stranger Face
Jan 6, 2013 Don Al joined My Stranger Face
Jan 6, 2013 Don Al commented on New Poll: Americans Overwhelmingly Support Stricter Gun Laws.
now the people of United Sates of America we are going to piy the price of one stupid mentally ill kid son of a mentally disturb teacher , when she knowing her kid have mental problems teach him how to use a ar 15 carabine and handguns. This is not my problem and is not somebody else problem . It is Lanzas mother and his family than knowing the fact never call the authorities to stop both of them. I feel sorry for the inocent victima but as a citizen of the United States of America i have the right to defend myself at all cost from any person that tries to harm me or my family. In a normal incident of assaults home invasion or personal disputes the police is always late by 6 minutes. The Goverment want to punish the responsible gun owners of America when we dont have nothing to do with that incident in Sandy Hook E.S. As an individual i will protect from anyone and if i need to neutralize it i will doit. Banning ar 15 is not the problem., banning high capacity magazines is not the soliution. Remember guns dont kill people... People kill people, and Mr Biden and his political potatoes need to stop using Sandy hook as a political milage gain for the goverment of Barrack Obama. Stop the bullahit. america will never be lose the right to bare arms !

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