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Apr 23, 2014 ellarosa commented on Chris Christie Says New Jersey Is Better Than Colorado Because Pot Is Illegal in New Jersey.
he's grasping at joints.

he's desperate, alright. who can blame him. he's going out so fast he's on roller skates.
Apr 22, 2014 ellarosa commented on Racists Against "Racism" in Bellingham.
@9 no, tkc was clearly saying bellingham used to be a lot more racist than it is now. how you managed to think he/she was saying that is was NOT racist back in the day is beyond me.
Apr 8, 2014 ellarosa commented on Savage Love.
why do people keep talking about whether anger/outrage are appropriate or justified? the letter writer didn't say she was angry, just not interested anymore. and that she's sweet enough to even feel bad for this shows there's nothing wrong with her as a person. it's just not her thing. i can't blame her. i would lose interest too, and feel guilty about it. a bit.

and not disclosing a hysterectomy is not analogous. you can still have any and all kinds of sex with a hysterectomy. you just can't have babies. i somehow don't think breeding was a consideration in this instance.
Apr 3, 2014 ellarosa commented on SL Letter of the Day: Resources and Support?.
agreed--shoes are the hardest part of it. plenty of large sized women's clothing around, cause...plenty of large ladies. but gaining weight doesn't make your feet much bigger--maybe 1 size, no more.
Apr 3, 2014 ellarosa commented on The Anal Examination of Uganda.
cue the lesbian jokes in 3,2,1...
Apr 2, 2014 ellarosa commented on SL Letter of the Day: Geezerdom.
@jujube80 you know nothing of life, as evidenced by your comments. i am 50. it all looks very different to me now than when i was say, 25 or 30, in that i can see the specter of what awaits me, not that far in the distance. dan gave this man the right advice. just take the old folks' word for it.
Feb 24, 2014 ellarosa commented on SL Letter of the Day: Trust a Gut.
yep. the only thing missing from this advice was to reassure him he did not come across as a psycho, just confused and unsure. and that's totally natural for him to be those things at this point in his young life.
Feb 22, 2014 ellarosa commented on City May Cap the Popular Rideshares That Compete with Cabs.
lyft winds up being a cheaper, better experience every time. anyone care to make a case for the taxi industry that isn't complete bullshit? i'd love to hear it, and haven't so far in this thread, or anywhere else.
Feb 21, 2014 ellarosa commented on The Killer Ideology of the American Loner.
@11: i just moved here and i find it to be friendlier than the sf bay area, my native land. people here give you the benefit of the doubt, they are more open, more eager to spend time with you. but maybe it's just me. in any case, i don't get the "seattle freeze" like so many warn me about. my main problem here is my own insecurities and sadness. and i brought that with me from san francisco. dumping it asap, too.
Feb 21, 2014 ellarosa commented on I Have No Good Reason to Post This....
should have been called "bear in mind." it was a good film, and hopkins carried it, the man who "rose above" and did so convincingly.