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Feb 3, 2011 BBCaddict commented on Today in Mangled News Copy.
Oh my god. I went to high school in St. Charles, MN.
Mar 6, 2010 BBCaddict commented on We Don't Let Racists Adopt Black Children.
I fail to see how this is "bashing straight people" STFU already.
Nov 4, 2009 BBCaddict commented on Hutchison Goes Down at the Bellevue Hyatt.
#6 damn right.
also - BEST USER ICON EVAR. "Why is the cork on the fork?"
Nov 4, 2009 BBCaddict commented on The Numbers Still Have Ref. 71 Passing.....
#21 - Can we set mormon traps and then release them into a better habitat for them?
Same goes for the Ken Hutcherson crowd. Ken can burn in hell for that Limbaugh ass licking piece he wrote recently.
Sep 30, 2009 BBCaddict commented on I, Anonymous.
#104 - WORD Babette! Same here.
Sep 30, 2009 BBCaddict commented on Stupid Fucking Credulous Hack of the Day: An Illuminating Email Exchange.
Why does a dialouge on the internet always make those who can't check facts to save their lives (or read anything other than headlines - or for that matter talk to the other side and get the full sotry rather than just going with the "talking points") and have the gall to call themselves actual reporters so damn TOUCHY?
Sep 17, 2009 BBCaddict commented on How to Be a Person: General Knowledge.
you forgot to add under the car section - "Learn to park to accomodate other people looking for parking in the city - if you don't people will write nasty notes and leave them on your windsheild and/or key your car."

These are the car people who piss me off the most. I rarely drive anymore and it's freaking annoying not even being able to park because some thoughtless asshole can't pull up 2-3 feet.
Jun 1, 2009 BBCaddict commented on "You are a piece of shit media WHORE who will do ANYTHING to get on TV and you brutally exploit the child you adopted to cash in.".
I have to agree with #53 - straight people pimp out their kids so much it's ridiculous.
I will admit that I'm on the defensive side of things, being a straight female who likes sex with men and yet *gasp* doesn't want to bear anyone's kids whatsoever! I'm very well aware of my reasons for not having a kid (and they go back to when I was a kid and kept on getting shitty fucking baby dolls rather than the art supplies I kept asking for for my birthday - who says we don't train girls young?) and quite aware of every reason under the sun that people have given (and tried to guilt me with) for having kids. And let's be honest, most of them revolve around THE PERSON HAVING THE KID. They do actually want a mini-me - as much as people who breed deny it. They also want the kid to magically change things - with their life, their relationship, their feelings about themselves (and hey, lots of parents use their kids as an opportunity to be smug assholes to everyone else)etc. It's a lot to put on children.

"What I want to know is - what kind of fucked-up, lost-in-the-19th-Century mentality gets a kick out of watching breeders who can't quit? When did we start celebrating large families again?"

When women's rights haven't made progress in a long while?
Hey where's my equal pay? Oh I'm supposed to be content with trying to "ahve it all"? Fuck you society. Seriously. I'm in charge of what comes in and goes out of my vagina.

To get back on track. Dan, I don't think that you're exploiting your family or kid in the way that J&K are - nowhere close. You're a writer. You write your life. It's amusing to read, well written and thoughful. I enjoy your essays on This American Life too, especially about your mother.
Fuck the naysayers. Keep on writing!
May 19, 2009 BBCaddict commented on Credit Card Issuers are Vile Pigs.
The Consumer's Union says it better than I ever could....
"The Senate just PASSED credit card reform today. The bill goes back to the House for a final vote TOMORROW.
But the banks hope to derail reform at the very last minute with scare tactics trumpeted on the front page of today's New York Times.
After months of raising rates and lowering credit limits for responsible card holders to make up for their bad investments elsewhere, they say these rules will hurt those very same responsible customers.
These rules are not the problem. The banks are the problem. Don't let them change the subject. Make sure your Representative hears from you right now.
The banks can raise your interest rates, and then slap that higher rate retroactively on charges you already made. They can add fees, lower your credit line and change your due date at any time and for no reason. They like that power, and will say anything to keep it.
After they gambled away their own capital on risky investments and then borrowed to the hilt to gamble some more--they now say the problem is irresponsible American credit card holders. Hardly.
These rules make sure you get the deal you signed up for. If you are offered a low rate, and you charge something at that rate, you will repay that debt at that rate. If the banks want to add fees, they have to give you notice and time to find a better deal. Instead of tricks in small print, you get a card agreement you can count on.
The banks hope to pit Americans against one another so we will stop looking at them. It's the oldest trick in the book. Tell your Representative you aren't falling for it.
The Senate passed this bill today by a large margin--90 to 5! Let's make sure every Representative votes with you, not with the banks."
Pam Banks
A project of Consumers Union
1101 17th Street NW, Suite 500
Washington, DC 20036
May 19, 2009 BBCaddict commented on Ventura vs. Hasselbeck.
A-men #27.
I moved out of MN just after Jesse was elected so I can't speak for the homestaters who did live under him.

I did however, run into him at the Mall of America about 2 years later.
Dude is HUGE and his voice is rather scary close up.