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Nov 12, 2014 devinderry commented on If You Didn't Vote, Why?.
Because I moved out of state just before the elections, too late to vote in my new state and I didn't think it was right to vote in WA since I was not going to be there to deal with the repercussions of my vote.
Sep 17, 2014 devinderry commented on Philadelphia Police Release Video of Drunken Mob That Allegedly Attacked a Gay Couple.
Adding insult to injury...

"Pennsylvania’s hate-crimes law, in any case, doesn’t cover crimes motivated by a person’s sexual orientation."…
Aug 28, 2014 devinderry commented on Hey! Is That a Huge Richard Serra Sculpture at Paul Allen's Private Peninsula Lair?.
For me the shapes are more reminiscent of sculpture than some kind of functional object and the rusted metal is certainly Serra's hallmark. But (as much as can be told in a few dozen pixels) it seems to lacks a lot of the tension you usually see in his work.
Aug 7, 2014 devinderry commented on Let's Talk About the X-Files!.
@3 - My biggest nerdgasm moment ever: I posted a drawing I did of one of the orangutans at the Woodland Park Zoo on their Facebook page. I checked out the profiles of the few people who liked it and happily saw that one was Karin Konoval, who did the performance suit work as Maurice in the Planet of the Apes movies...sweet!

Then I saw that she also played one of the fortune tellers who gets iced in Clive Bruckman's Final Repose and I swear I swooned. Best 45 minutes of TV ever! The only time I've ever written a fawning fan letter.
Aug 6, 2014 devinderry commented on Seattle's Pot Tickets: The Scandal Behind the Scandal.
While I think it's fair to point out Jokela's disproportionately targeting people of color, comparing that to the behavior of the rest of the force seems a stretch since you're talking about 18 tickets spread out over 1000+ cops.
Apr 17, 2014 devinderry commented on I, Anonymous.
@ 10 - Hey! You're right! I guess I was too annoyed with the writer by the end to catch that. Though I have a hard time understanding why someone would be walking in the rain with their phone in hand if it wasn't being used.
Apr 16, 2014 devinderry commented on I, Anonymous.
@ 2, 7: It sounds to me very much like she was staring at her screen when she wiped out. She says nothing actively denying it, gives a nod to commuters isolated behind devices, and states that the other woman doesn't know what her relationship with tech was & it wasn't anyone elses business anyway (though that sure makes it sound pretty constant). But she doesn't deny being absorbed in it when she tripped and that certainly was the old hag's opinion. Not sure what you're seeing different.