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May 21, 2010 yah_sure_youbetcha commented on Gay Couple in Malawi Sentenced to 14 Years in Prison....
There are tons of trolls on here today. #9's comment is particularly idiotic. As if my equal civil and human rights need any majority's approval. Whatever... consider the source.

However, the back and forth discussion is revealing a spirited debate among those whose commentary is based on thoughtful fact-based consideration of a difficult issue. Perhaps, like most problems, the solution lies somewhere in between "cut off all aid and let 'em rot" and "keep the spigot on full blast and hope prosperity results in spontaneous evolution of thought on the issue". This is where diplomacy comes into play, and the US and Britain carry a lot of weight in that effort precisely because we provide so much aid. This is where the US can be the game-changer here, either through direct negotiations, or via a third party on the continent.

I can understand Dan's stance. It was my own for a brief moment, until my anger subsided and I thought about it some more. When I see those two men on that truck being carted off to prison, and when I read one man's statement that he'd rather die than live his life without the man he loves, it became very much a "there but for the grace of God go I" moment for me. I'm sure it was a similar feeling for a lot of gay men who are lucky enough to live in a more enlightened society. It felt personal... I imagined my husband and myself in that truck, and it freaked my shit out.

So I understand Dan's comment. I just don't think it's where the discussion should end. However, his statement does illustrate the very real fury among GLBT folks regarding GLBT civil and human rights, not only in the US but across the world. Underestimating our justifiably pissed-off sentiments would be a grave mistake indeed.
Jul 21, 2009 yah_sure_youbetcha commented on Savage Love.
"Get over yourself, faggot."

Sometimes the best advice really is the shortest. Much like:

"Don't eat that."

"Compliment her shoes."

"Send a thank-you note."
Jul 13, 2009 yah_sure_youbetcha commented on Savage Love.
Is it wrong to want to eat peacebutt's ass 'til he cries?

May 19, 2009 yah_sure_youbetcha commented on Savage Love.
Just to clarify for the record, Carrie Prejean is Miss California USA, not Miss California. Miss California USA competes for the title of Miss USA (and, if she should win, competes for the Miss Universe title). Miss California competes for the title of Miss America. Both pageants are anachronistic, but the USA/Universe operation is pretty clearly the tackier and sluttier-appearing of the two. The fact that Perez Hilton was selected as a judge for this event proves my point.

Mr. Hilton may be tasteless and vapid, but he's right. Miss Prejean is a dumb bitch not because she doesn't toe the homo party line, but because most reasonable people would surmise that her actions are bitchy and her statements are stupid. She's welcome to say whatever she wants. And I am welcome to criticize her for it.

Opposing marriage equality isn't like opposing a bond issue or not liking how one's taxes are being spent. Opposition to marriage equality simply is not a justifiable position. It's prejudice, pure and simple. Quit bitching about being forced to agree with the gay community (whatever that is), and own your own bias. Only then can you move forward and work through it, for the country's benefit as well as your own.