It's not very popular.

Apr 4 fish04 commented on Grab Your Ballot! Save Bus Service! DO IT NOW!.
The highways, police, fire dept, school districts also generate a huge profit for us every year...I don't get why the transit org is expected to be some wildly successful business. Last time I looked it was an expense. If this is about paying a fair share, then sure. Let's toll all of our highways and implement congestion charges while we're at it. Additionally, I love how every time Rail comes up, the conservatives say that we should fund buses but when it comes to improving that service it's suddenly a wasteful expense. I commute 5 miles a day on a bike path so in reality none of this really affects me. I hope you enjoy the thousands of additional cars on the road everyday while the population continues to grow. If anything, this just might encourage more density because the only affordable and practical way to get into work really will be by walking or biking.
Jan 17 fish04 commented on Lake Union Business Group Files Appeal to Block Dedicated Bike Lanes.
@50 got it. Good points. I agree with much of what you said and I think i said it above that Westlake should be way at the bottom of the priority list for bike infrastructure when our downtown is a death trap and South Seattle has nothing.

The westlake stakeholders have forced this issue to the top of every bike advocates list of important bike projects with their actions. If they hadn't sued the city for this BMP I would have cared very little about this cycletrack. I also think Westlake should have been done in the first place before Dexter but I'm sure the city had it's reasons. I do think Dexter's bike infrastructure is the bare minimum of what's needed for any arterial, but the city needs to do a better job of prioritizing and connecting bike projects. For instance, I love the cycletrack on Broadway, but how is anyone supposed to get there that doesn't live in Capitol Hill when our downtown is horrendous to bike through? I could go on forever. Appreciate the comments.
Jan 16 fish04 commented on Lake Union Business Group Files Appeal to Block Dedicated Bike Lanes.
@48 I respectfully disagree with you. 0.2 miles is something when you're on a bike and especially with the Mercer mess. Westlake is also not suitable if you are trying to get anywhere in Queen Anne. Nevertheless, my take is that Dexter is the bare minimum of what bike infrastructure should look like on an arterial. I would maybe-just maybe feel comfortable letting my young son or daughter bike on there. It's all about safety. You missed my point about Dexter and 99. My point is that there is a million and 1 valid reasons you would take one over the other, which is why it's nonsense to render one of them useless because of the other.
Jan 15 fish04 commented on Lake Union Business Group Files Appeal to Block Dedicated Bike Lanes.
@ 45 I don't think that's the least bit true. It's like saying a sidewalk would be rendered obsolete if they built another on a nearby parallel street. There are still people that live, work, dine, and shop on Dexter. It's also a more direct route to downtown than Westlake would be, which is more useful for getting to SLU and Capitol hill. If your logic is true, then why isn't Dexter obsolete to cars with 99 only a block away?
Jan 15 fish04 commented on Lake Union Business Group Files Appeal to Block Dedicated Bike Lanes.
@ #36 you are right on about the parking. Such a simple solution to this problem, which is why it's beyond selfish and uneccesary they are holding the remaining 99.7% of this plan in jeopardy.
Jan 15 fish04 commented on Lake Union Business Group Files Appeal to Block Dedicated Bike Lanes.
Who cares if Dexter is nearby? Aurora and I-5 are nearby as well yet cars still drive on westlake. It's a pointless argument. I agree that out of all of the bike projects that need to be done in this city, the westlake cycletrack is not at the top. However, the fact that this small group of NIMBYs has decided to hold the entire bike master plan hostage because they don't like 0.3% of the project is beyond selfish. If they don't build a cycletrack through there, then it's going to be a street car or something else. I will not be giving any of those companies my business anymore. Do they realize that lot is nothing but a Park 'n Ride for SLU and Downtown commuters?
Dec 4, 2013 fish04 commented on Hey, Chicago—I Think We've Got Your Weather Out Here.
I spent 2 endless winters in Chicago and this doesn't even come close. When I moved to Seattle in February a few years ago, I left a Chicago that was -11 degrees with freezing rain after it snowed 2 ft the night before. People were stranded up and down lake shore drive. I don't think I'll ever be cold again...and oh yeh since when is Chicago "sunny" in the winter?
Nov 7, 2013 fish04 commented on The Social Costs of Traffic.
@bffp--so b/c your individual commute is a little bit slower the rest of the city needs to eliminate bikes lanes and diminish public safety? So sick of this BS. If it's only about ME and my commute then why I am stuck with the bill for the hundreds of miles of freeway and arterials I never use?
Oct 25, 2013 fish04 commented on Is Ed Murray Running to Be the Anti-Bike-Lane Mayor?.
@53 what a contradicting post. First, you state that bike lanes are only for yuppies and then at the end you state that it's only grown because of a poor economy implying that people that can't afford to drive to work are using them.
Jan 28, 2013 fish04 commented on Debunking the So-Called Bike Backlash.
#50 yes all of those bikes out there on I-5,90, 405, Hwy 99 are completely and utterly slowing traffic down. I said this earlier but take away the bike lane and I'm sitting in traffic with you driving incredibly slowly and recklessly like every other Seattle driver.

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