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in the past few hours MyDogBen commented on "Getting It Right" or "Misses the Point"? Rebecca Brown's Controversial Stance on Angels in America.
All this reminds me of back when Showtime was running the American Queer As Folk. Some of my peers came unglued, because that show didn't tell the right story, didn't tell their story, was too sordid, it was not sordid enough, yada yada yada. The truth was, it was only one TV show. It could never be everything to everybody. So now one reviewer is unsatisfied because Angels in America doesn't tell the right story for her. Yawn. This is one theater piece, it's not the fucking Rosetta Stone. Andrew's staging of Act 1 is a dazzling, live, high wire accomplishment(pardon the pun). I'm looking forward eagerly to the conclusion. Angels can survive one churlish review. 'The world only spins forward,'
Aug 11 MyDogBen commented on Postal Service Loses Two Billion Dollars This Spring.
Thank you for the accurate reporting. Srsly.
Apr 18 MyDogBen commented on Headline of the Day.
What did I miss? Where's the volcano? Huh wha?
Apr 13 MyDogBen commented on The Sunday Morning News.
re: CIA waterboarding. According to Christopher Hitchens, who submitted to it, water boarding does *not* provide the sensation of drowning. It IS drowning. Always good to keep that in mind.
Mar 31 MyDogBen commented on In Culture News: The Head on the Waterfront, Top Gun 2, and Kurt Cobain's Messy House.
Pish. Tom Cruise is obsolete. With or without drones.
Mar 24 MyDogBen commented on Gimme Your Fucking... LEATHER!.
Ha ha this is awesome. Above this post I read Seattle is dying, then I scroll down to see this. Seattle ain't dyin' yet.
Mar 7 MyDogBen commented on In Case Y'all Perhaps Wondered Where Pharrell Sourced "Happy".
I don't hear any similarity either. Slog click-bait.
Feb 19 MyDogBen commented on Effeminate Gay Men Haven't Disappeared from TV.
Hey, Scott Thompson's Buddy Cole is Stephen Colbert's Olympics correspondent. Swish lives!
Oct 31, 2013 MyDogBen commented on Intiman Announces It Will Produce "Angels in America," Parts One and Two.
So? Is Russell directing? If he is, we're in on opening night(s)!
Oct 29, 2013 MyDogBen commented on Modular Phones Seem Like a Good Idea to Me.
Yeah. And people used to build Heathkit television sets. Motorola working hard to fulfill a demand that doesn't exist.

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