Jun 21, 2013 rachel commented on The Friday Morning News.
I'll repeat as a registered- Senator Ann Rivers is not a "girl".
Jun 2, 2009 rachel commented on The People I'm Persecuting Are So MEAN!.
I am an ardent supporter of gay rights, and I completely agree with Andrew @14. As a woman who is active in reproductive rights, this sent a shiver up my spine. For years, anti-abortion groups have published the names and addresses of abortion providers and those who work for reproductive rights organizations. It's an intimidation tactic.
I know this organization is not publishing addresses, and I listened to their spokesman on KUOW today, and he certainly did not advocate vigilante action. There are no cases of beatings or murders of anti-gay spokespeople, but still....this an intimidation tactic, plain and simple.
We're winning. There is no need to stoop to this level.
Jun 2, 2009 rachel commented on "Homosexuals will do anything to get a marriage license...".
For the first 45 seconds, I thought I was watching FOX.