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Dec 17, 2016 statetheobvious commented on Savage Love.
@72, which is why it's SO, SO, frustrating that Clinton abandoned the "blue wall" states n favour of some pie in the sky fantasies about Georgia and Arizona. She ran a campaign like in was 2008 and she was Obama. That was stupid and arrogant.
Dec 16, 2016 statetheobvious commented on Required Reading: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda.
It's interesting. Bernie lost the primary because Hillary's campaign strategy was to paint him as racist. They used shitty purity politics, of the kind the left loves to use to tear each other down, to paint an image of Bernie as racist. Not for anything he said, not for anything he did, but because he wasn't up on the latest slang. He didn't have black friends (?!) Silly superficial bullshit that destroyed his character not for anything he actually did, but because he presented as an old white guy and not as cool.

That strategy was successful in defeating Bernie, but failed in defeating Trump. That tells you the left's stupid tactics only work against the left.
Dec 15, 2016 statetheobvious commented on Savage Love.
@54. Yes. This. And not just letters, but we find better candidates and we threaten to primary the squishes until the squishes start kissing our collective ass. Our motto should be "Do whatever the NRA does." The NRA has no celebrity spokespeople, no hashtags, no flashmobs wearing pantsuits and yet even Democrats line up to lick Wayne LaPierre's butthole after yet another devastating mass murder.

The Democrats need African-Americans to turn out in high numbers, yet they don't even care enough about that community to stop the blatant gerrymandering. The VRA-gutting ruling was years ago. And no response from the Democratic party. Why didn't Obama and the D Senators have the political will or skill to replace Scalia? Because they're pathetic losers.

@34 We need to be smart. We have to work on voter outreach. To everyone. The young people and minorities that didn't turn out for Hillary (or Kerry or Gore or every midterm election). We need to reach out to working-class whites who share our economic message. We have to constantly think about how we are selling ourselves. We must always have out best face for the public. This sometimes means the most professional. Sometimes it doesn't. Howard Dean was great because he had the balls to be honest about Iraq. Sanders was great because he had the balls to be honest about income inequality. Contrast that with most Iraq war or income inequality "protests". Can you see why they were ineffective? Our messangers were unappealing and our message is incoherent. The short answer is, look at how we won on same-sex marriage. Our messaging was on point. We didn't go around insulting straight people for no reason and calling them all bigots, like the LW did. We focused. We presented happy, stable, same-sex families just like yours. We challenged everything in the courts even when we kept losing. And we won.
Dec 15, 2016 statetheobvious commented on Required Reading: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda.
The big problem is the Democratic base doesn't vote consistently. They did twice, for Obama, and that's how he won, but they returned to their ordinary levels for Hillary and she lost, despite this base having the most to lose under a Trump Presidency. What the Democrats have to do is focus on increasing turnout. In winning every state, local, and federal election. Stop being "strategic" and ignoring most of the country. There needs to be left-wing crazy people in prominent positions running. Right-wing crazy people make the mainstream GOP seem sane and electable, while still motivating the fringe. The left has no fringe and all that potential energy goes to idiocy like pretending Jill Stein is a real candidate and accusing allies of secret racism. We need people like Howard Dean, Bernie Sanders, Michael Moore.

Also, Democrats need to be smart and disciplined with their message. Not everyone's opinion is valuable. How you present yourself matters. If you look stupid on CNN, you will be dismissed no matter how valuable your message is. Everyone agreed with the goals of OWS, but they went nowhere because they antagonized people on their side and looked like hipster douchebags on TV. White supremacists wear suits and know pop culture and the media gets an erection and can't wait to slobber all over them. The left needs to refine their message and stop making sure every voice is heard. There's a reason most people aren't leaders.
Dec 14, 2016 statetheobvious commented on Savage Love.
So, Democrats just lost (the EC) to a proud bigot, a dangerous authoritarian, Putin's butt boy. And what's their solution to fix this? Send dildos, have parties every 100 days, alienate other Hillary supporters. This is why the left keeps losing! What does any of this accomplish? How does this convince anyone to vote for Democrats? How does this influence policy or win voters or communicate how horrible Trump is?

The right gets it. The right played such a good media game that white supremacists are now getting fawning profiles in serious magazines. They are working social media. They are getting the MSM to parrot their talking points. They are shaping the debate. Meanwhile, all the left does is subdivide into smaller and smaller groups, lack any coherent message, and apparently doesn't even have the desire to reach out to ANYONE if you're alienating queer Hillary supporters who may or may not have Trump-voting relatives.

I thought this would be enough to shake the left out of their purity tests, Tumblr, label-obsessed insular little world, where being anti-racist and caring about social justice is just another indie band you have to let everyone know you liked before they were cool.
Jun 20, 2016 statetheobvious commented on Bernie Supporters Plan to Disrupt Acceptance Speech by First Woman Nominated by a Major Party With "Fart-In Protest".
Oh for fuck's sake. This is why the left can't have nice things. Because the left cares more about goofing around and getting attention than in actually putting in the hard work of changing the system. The NRA has every politician in America sucking their cock, and can you imagine them ever doing something so stupid? I can't. They do what isn't glamorous and doesn't get them on the news but actually works. And until the left figures out that effective protest and change is rarely public and never fun, they won't actually do anything.

I wonder if this person actually knows any poor people. I doubt it.
Feb 24, 2016 statetheobvious commented on Kink On the Homepage of the New York Times.
Used to be everyone was worried people from fundamentalist religious communities would justify their misogyny by saying "having the woman be subservient is my culture." That didn't happen, but will misogynists justify their sexism by saying "it's my kink"?
Feb 20, 2016 statetheobvious commented on Hillary Wins Nevada, Trump Wins South Carolina.
Can someone explain to me why Sanders is giving up SC? Won't that allow Hillary and the media to spin that black people hate Sanders? Won't that be hugely damaging for Sanders in subsequent states, especially with the youth vote? Won't that allow Hillary an easy victory from here on out if she can make that narrative stick?
Feb 11, 2016 statetheobvious commented on Today In Presidential Hopefuling.
No, the best thing for women is to have an effective and intelligent President who respects women and thinks of them actually people just like men. Historically women have been viewed as second-class citizens. On those cases voting for a woman is a necessary corrective (although history is littered with examples of oppressed groups being cheerleaders for their oppressors). Fortunately we live in a country where women won't be better off just because a woman is President. We can judge Hillary on her own merits like we did for Fiorina and Bachmann.

Besides doesn't anyone remember this happened in 2008? Hillary was shocked that Obama did better than her with women under 60?
Feb 11, 2016 statetheobvious commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Using "Crazy" Like That Is So Gay, Dan, Really Lame.
Oh for fuck's sake.

Every time someone complains about this, we lose the ability to make people care about actual problems. Dan, why you gotta give this crazy person any attention?