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Jan 13, 2013 TheCpt joined My Stranger Face
Jan 13, 2013 TheCpt joined My Stranger Face
Jan 13, 2013 TheCpt joined My Stranger Face
Jan 13, 2013 TheCpt commented on "Columbine Had an Armed Guard, Virginia Tech Had a Police Department, Ft. Hood was a Military Base....".
The only people on a military base with loaded weapons are: The MPs and DOD Police, MPI Agents & CID Agents; anyone with the rare duty of payroll / cashier assignment; and those assigned to guard sensitive areas like SCIFs (look it up). Even in training and qualifications the weapons and ammo are transported separately and not put together until the soldier is ready to fire the weapon. Even in most combat zones weapons are unloaded once back in contonement or the FOB (look it up) leaving the security to those that have the duty that day. No one in the processing center had armed weapons except the terrorist. DOD Police responding to 911 calls shot the terrorist. Columbine the armed deputy & unarmed security guard was assigned to watch the smoke pit next to the school to watch for truants that may not return to the open campus. Hearing bombs explode, these 2 were the 1st on the scene, exchanged gun fire with 1 killer who went into the packed cafeteria to kill more while these 2 coordinated the response and evacuated many students to safety. Virg Tech the killer lured the Campus PD & SWAT team into pursuing the boyfriend of a girl he shot in the AM and in the afternoon he locked from the inside the doors to a bldg and began shooting. Campus POs broke in the bldg & as they did so the killer killed himself. SO all 3 references are BS in relation to school security. There have been NO mass shooting in schools where they have armed SROs (look it up) that are assigned properly, Columbine as stated why, the only exception. So CHARLES MUDEDE is a fool or a liar. Plus: FBI and other finger print background checks did not EVER cross reference with national security investigations. EVER. The has been a commission to investigate this shooting and obama & holder did their best to cover it all up & call it Workplace Violence and not TERRORISM, printed 1/15/2010. Been napping a while have you Charles....

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