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Jul 17 Pierrot Lunaire commented on Alison Holcomb Vs. Kshama Sawant: Who's Got Your Hypothetical Vote?.
Isn't Holcomb limited in who she can run against by the new district system? Doesn't she have to run in the district where she resides (unless she wants to run for one of the at-large seats)? She probably couldn't run against Sally Clark even if she wanted to.
May 29 Pierrot Lunaire commented on PR Person for Restaurant Writes an Article About the Restaurant for Seattle Weekly.
This is fine as long as the SW's advertising and editorial departments are separate, just like the Stranger's. That's what you said when your wine columnist wrote about wines he sells at the bar he owns, anyway.
Apr 11 Pierrot Lunaire commented on Hi! Do You Work at Starbucks?.
I think you should let people know the point you're going to be trying to prove with this article, so they can save themselves the trouble of contacting you if their experiences fail to support your thesis and hence won't be included in the article anyway. Advocacy journalism!
Apr 11 Pierrot Lunaire commented on Businesses Share Some "Tips" on $15 Minimum Wage Debate.
Since this is clearly a pro-15 Now joke site, shouldn't "businesses" be the word in quotes in the headline, not "tips"?
Nov 26, 2013 Pierrot Lunaire commented on Modern Romance.
I don't agree that Eleanor & Park was marred by pop-culture Puritanism. Not all high-schoolers are ready to have sex or do have sex (others are and do). Rowell made it plausible to me that mere physical contact was mindblowingly intense for these particular characters and they would not necessarily have had sex at that point in their lives (in Eleanor's case, especially given the sexualized creepiness that was one aspect of her stepfather's abuse).

Just because a Puritan streak exists within our culture does not make teenage sex more realistic than the alternative, or oblige an author to write teenage sex scenes. I want to read books with characters behaving in recognizably human (i.e., psychologically plausible) ways, not books contrived for the purpose of driving random scolds up the wall.
Nov 22, 2013 Pierrot Lunaire commented on What Happened When the Female Head of the Washington State Republican Party Asked to Be Paid as Much as Her Male Predecessor?.
I am strangely compelled by the nature of this conversation to point out that the phrase is "turn for the worse."
Nov 15, 2013 Pierrot Lunaire commented on Pedestrian Advocates Say Rasmussen's Budget Move Could Jeopardize North Seattle Project.
I was amused to see this interview with Faye Garneau which assumes that council districts will help neighborhoods prevent the construction of aPodments.

The Stranger's pie-in-the-sky endorsement of the district plan is looking sillier and sillier.
Nov 11, 2013 Pierrot Lunaire commented on Relentless Positive Campaigning.
I don’t see how anyone could possibly consider “relentless negative campaigning” an inaccurate description of the Stranger’s coverage of this race.

Here’s a few headlines since August 2013 your search feature returned for me:
“The Case Against Richard Conlin”
“The Unbearable Smugness of Richard Conlin”
“Is Richard Conlin Afraid of His Socialist Opponent?”
“Richard Conlin, Political Two-Timer?”
“Richard Conlin’s Can’t-Do Agenda”
“Conlin’s Inept Smear Campaign Is as Stupid as It Is Dishonest” [these last three by the “relentlessly positive” Goldy]

And if Dominic wants to bring up some article from a million years ago as counterpoint, how about these headlines over the years?

“Richard Conlin Says Your Vote Means ‘Nothing’” (which makes him “full of shit”)
“Is Richard Conlin Still On the City Council?”
“Is Richard Conlin Alive?”
“Conlin’s Monorail Con”
“Conlin Capitulates to Anti-Sign Crowd”
“Richard Conlin: The Double-Standard Man”
“Conlin Dithers on North Highline Annexation”
“Richard Conlin’s Megaproject Flip-Flop”
Oct 17, 2013 Pierrot Lunaire commented on About That Kid Who Hunted a Giant Pacific Octopus Last Year....
If anything, I actually think less of Mayer after reading this than if he was some random law-of-the-jungle thrill-killing yahoo. What difference did all your moral nuances make to the octopus? Did you question your sense of entitlement at any point during the 25 minutes in which the octopus made known its objection to being fucked with?

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