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Nov 13 Pierrot Lunaire commented on The Morning News: Washington Tightens Logging Rules to Prevent Catastrophic Mudslides.
In case this is the only chance I ever get to say this....thanks, Fnarf, for all you contributed over the years. I've read/heard/seen/done a lot of great stuff on your recommendations here or at the long-vanished Questionland, e.g. the Lucksmiths, Clive James' Australian memoirs, Green Apple Books in SF, a ton of other stuff I'm forgetting at the moment.
Nov 12 Pierrot Lunaire commented on If You Didn't Vote, Why?.
Two non-binding advisory votes, monorail part 17, a million judicial races (which shouldn't even be elected positions), the competing preschool initiatives clusterfuck, a Chopp/Spear do-over even though Chopp won 80-20 three months ago.... I think it's the people who *did* vote that ought to have to explain themselves here.
Oct 9 Pierrot Lunaire commented on Watch Jess Spear and Frank Chopp Debate Each Other for 15 Minutes.
We still have a general election when one of the candidates took 80% of the vote in the open primary??!?!? Seriously?
Aug 26 Pierrot Lunaire commented on Tonight in Music: The English Beat and Radius Etc..
Agree with Fnarf on "I Confess"! The Beat were incredible in their heyday. Their throwaways are as good as most bands at the top of their game, sometimes much better (e.g. the devastating "Which Side of the Bed," the b-side of a non-album single, later a cassette-only bonus track on their best-of).
Jul 22 Pierrot Lunaire commented on Americans Don't Love McDonald's as Much as They Used To.
I'm surprised how many McDonald's have closed in Seattle -- at least two others (Greenwood just N of 85th, and 3rd & Columbia) besides the three already mentioned upthread.
Jul 22 Pierrot Lunaire commented on Americans Don't Love McDonald's as Much as They Used To.
There was one on the Ave (I believe where the Mongolian grill is now, if it's still there, just N of 45th), it closed at least 10 years ago. There also used to be one at 45th & Stone Way.
Jul 17 Pierrot Lunaire commented on Alison Holcomb Vs. Kshama Sawant: Who's Got Your Hypothetical Vote?.
Isn't Holcomb limited in who she can run against by the new district system? Doesn't she have to run in the district where she resides (unless she wants to run for one of the at-large seats)? She probably couldn't run against Sally Clark even if she wanted to.
May 29 Pierrot Lunaire commented on PR Person for Restaurant Writes an Article About the Restaurant for Seattle Weekly.
This is fine as long as the SW's advertising and editorial departments are separate, just like the Stranger's. That's what you said when your wine columnist wrote about wines he sells at the bar he owns, anyway.
Apr 11 Pierrot Lunaire commented on Hi! Do You Work at Starbucks?.
I think you should let people know the point you're going to be trying to prove with this article, so they can save themselves the trouble of contacting you if their experiences fail to support your thesis and hence won't be included in the article anyway. Advocacy journalism!

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