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Jan 15, 2013 thedude3r joined My Stranger Face
Jan 15, 2013 thedude3r commented on The Rush to Prohibit Kratom.
All this comparing of kratom to heroin and methadone are going to get it banned. I'm sure it could help a heroin addict whos already detoxing, but I cant see it doing anything for a full blown addict because kratom is too weak.

Kratom is a wonderful plant that people take for energy, to help with anxiety / depression, and to help reduce moderate pain. I take it 3 times a day, yes its mildy addictive, more so than coffee, but not even close to tobacco or opiates addictiveness.

Another thing that will get this plant we all love banned is when people call it a legal high. I've taken it at all doses and dont see how the mood lifting energetic effects are the same as a high. It makes you feel good, but so does a cup of coffee, kratom is just better at uplifting the mood with a non jittery energy. the proof of how mild its effects are can be seen on various drug forums, where users of actual drugs claim kratom does little to nothing for them.

lets keep this plant legal by watching what we say about it, because to a non user or drug advocate, some things said about it can be misinterpreted and lead to the kind of hype that lawmakers use to gain favor by banning it.