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Aug 18 maddogm13 commented on Taylor Swift Goes Pop, Twerks in New Music Video.
What a stupid song. It sounds like a computer wrote it.
Aug 14 maddogm13 commented on I, Anonymous.
Those whiny, rich, entitled condo assholes sure are changing Capitol Hill for the better, aren't they?
Jun 13 maddogm13 commented on Y'all Remember When All "Pop" Punk Sounded Like Hüsker Dü?.
But Husker Du was so so mighty...
Apr 25 maddogm13 commented on Now That He Has No Political Power, Former Justice Stevens Says We Should Legalize Pot.
(2) Except for Scalia and Thomas, of course.
Apr 24 maddogm13 commented on Plan C and the Manhattanization of Seattle.
Hey, they were the ones that voted against it. Let
'em fund their own transit into Seattle.
Apr 23 maddogm13 commented on It's Time for Plan C: A Seattle-Only Transit Solution.
(1) It seems to work fine for Boeing.
Apr 21 maddogm13 commented on Seattle "Record Stores Of Days Gone By".
Cello Square started on the Ave (originally off of NE 42nd St, later at the location (9) mentions), and also opened shops on Cap Hill and in Bellingham. I think the Ave store was the last to fold.
Apr 18 maddogm13 commented on Business-Backed Group Claims Support for a Minimum Wage Hike Is Dropping.
Business interests are to keep the minimum wage as low as possible. (Doesn't anyone understand how capitalism works?) Because the poor dears are so broke, they probably had to hold bakesales and start a Kickstarter campaign to fund this poll.
Apr 16 maddogm13 commented on I, Anonymous.
Hope this person doesn't drive the same way she walks.

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