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May 6 maddogm13 commented on Bernie or Bust? Kshama Sawant Debates Former Mayor Mike McGinn.
Remember the eight years of peace prosperity, and progressive government that followed after Ralph Nader's 2000 to provide a third-party alternative for ideologically pure Democrats? How about when John Anderson did the same thing in 1980, giving us the greatest political shift in my lifetime for 12 years because Jimmy Carter was too Establishment for the Real Progressives? If I didn't think history was bullshit and too tl;dr for anyone but old people and Boomer sell outs to pay any attention to, I'd almost think you Bernie-or-busters believe in your poor idealistic hearts that this is the year when 120 years of American political history reverse themselves because of your golden, shining, brand-new progressive vision--or you're the kind of rich white douchebag who secretly wouldn't mind helping elect Trump because at least the government wouldn't take so much of your hard-earned tax money to give to freeloaders.
May 6 maddogm13 commented on Good News, Bernie Fans: He's not Going Anywhere.
Bernie Sanders is 2016speak for Ralph Nader. Remember the eight years of peace, prosperity, and progressive government that followed because the Democrats didn't offer a progressive enough candidate? Or the same thing in 1980, when John Anderson helped elect Ronald Reagan for a 12-year liberal reign? Of course, you Wise Progressives know that everything is different this time because Hillary believes climate change is a hoax and that millions of immigrants without papers should be deported immediately and that women are for fuckng and looking pretty, not opening their big yaps and running around acting like sluts and Black Lives Matter is a bunch of whiners who are mad about not getting free things and history is bullshit anyway. There really would be no difference between a Trump Administration and a Clinton II administration, would there?
May 5 maddogm13 commented on Clinton Campaign Accidentally Makes Pro-Trump Ad.
Great to have political commentary from people with your sophisticated grasp of policy knowledge. Please stay out of the voting booth. If you want a popularity contest, watch American Idol.
Nov 21, 2015 maddogm13 commented on I, Anonymous.
I agree. It's a crime that you can't enjoy driving your Porsche Carrera in downtown Seattle, what with all the PC morons holding you up.
Jul 14, 2015 maddogm13 commented on County in Missouri to Fly Flags at Half-Staff Because Gay People Are Getting Married.
They changed their minds--for the veterans, of course. No perverts in foxholes!…
Jun 7, 2015 maddogm13 commented on A Quick Interview With Journalist Chris Hedges.
Ralph Nader totally agrees with Chris' advice to voters for achieving lasting progressive change.
Apr 9, 2015 maddogm13 commented on I, Anonymous.
AND WHAT ABOUT MY PROPERTY VALUES, HMM??? If I'd known I'd be living with a bunch of HIPPIES here, I'd have spent my million on a sweet place in Kirkland instead!!!
Apr 2, 2015 maddogm13 commented on Seattle Restaurant Owner Behaving Badly.
@52 Tom Douglas wants the $$$ from rich Seattlites but whines about having to abide by thecity's laws, and I'M the deadbeat? Got it.
Apr 2, 2015 maddogm13 commented on Seattle Restaurant Owner Behaving Badly.
@50 Nothing says you can't open your restaurant in Arkansas instead of Seattle. Or does the rule just apply to Tom Douglas' economic inferiors?