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Jan 18, 2013 jessa commented on Josh Marshall Speaks For His Tribe: Non-Gun Owners.
I don't own a gun and I have only ever known two people who were proudly "Gun Owners". I may know other people who own guns but are so quiet about it that I don't know one way or the other. Anyhow, one of my Gun Owner friends was a really really nice guy, but also an alcoholic and a little off balance. He shot himself in the head one night after he had been out drinking. He did this in front of his roommate and best friend. The other Gun Owner I know is a good friend of my family. One night his adult son used his gun to shoot himself in the head. He did this in front of his dad, the Gun Owner. No one can say that these two young men would be alive today if they didn't have guns at easy reach, they might have found other ways to commit suicide if they were so determined. But in both cases it seemed like a spur of the moment sort of thing. But this is really my only personal experience with guns. I can't even imagine what kind of horrific nightmares the people who were witness to these events have to deal with now for the rest of their lives. But for me, yeah, guns scare me.