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Apr 26 VelhoSorriso commented on Meanwhile in Michigan: Substitute Teacher Fired For Using the Word "Vagina".
Outrage! Slang is OK, but not anatomy? Teacher wouldn't have been fired for saying "hoo-hah.” Georgia O'Keefe paintings are strongly hoo-ha-ish. If you wanna channel your outrage, write a few e/m or a Letter to the Editor (links below):

Email for Rob Ridgeway, Superintendent:…
Email for Kim Thayer, Principal:…

LTE for the Battle Creek Enquirer:…
Jul 19, 2015 VelhoSorriso commented on I Feel Like We Say "I Feel Like" All the Time.
One of the best books on the subject: Nonviolent Communication: A Language of … by Marshall Rosenberg. In it, he explains how to get in touch with 'feelings' and differentiate them from 'thoughts.' Sometimes we get the 2 mixed up. I really like the book. Helps me a lot in life.
Jan 24, 2015 VelhoSorriso commented on Tangerine Dream Keyboardist/Ambient-Music Icon Edgar Froese, 1944-2015.
Great quote:

Edgar once said: 'There is no death, there is just a change of our cosmic address.'
Jul 24, 2014 VelhoSorriso commented on Amazon Reports Bigger-Than-Expected Loss.
About time...
Jul 10, 2014 VelhoSorriso commented on Claiborne Richardson Wants Pictures of a Kid's Cock.
reddit's take:

In ‘sexting case’ Manassas City police…

with more contact info:

Why not give those involved a call and express that they're behaving like lunatics?

Douglas W. Keen -- Manassas Chief of Police (703) 257-8000 //

D.E. Abbott -- Manassas Police "Internet Crimes Against Children" (703) 257-8042 //
Jun 25, 2014 VelhoSorriso commented on This Is Such Bullshit.
@16 Yeah, it's Paper Chase Press

Radical Neutrality Looseleaf Poster Set
Mar 31, 2014 VelhoSorriso commented on What a City Gets (and Doesn't Get) When It Gives Tech Companies Tax Breaks for Building in Low-Income Areas.
@ 2 Foonken2 said it.

I've yet to read where municipalities win on tax breaks for companies. Maybe the entities can approach it like dating -- if a company wants to locate in an area ~ fine, show off the best assets of the area. But don't give them a tax break for doing it.
Feb 24, 2014 VelhoSorriso commented on SL Letter of the Day: Trust a Gut.
Best advice ever: Listen to your gut. Particularly with regard to relationships.
Dec 2, 2013 VelhoSorriso commented on Do Chimps Have a Right to Liberty?.
If you'd like a cogent piece, read:
We Are Completely Beside Ourselves
by Karen Joy Fowler. I saw things in a completely new light.