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Sep 13 Y.F. Redux commented on I, Anonymous.
Take heart, Anon, they were being royally ripped off by that photographer!…
Sep 13 Y.F. Redux commented on Voices from the Picket Lines: Washington Middle School.
"...Teachers with PhDs and 15 years of teaching can make up to $85,000."

2009 Salary = $52,484 + $2,941 (x Years of Experience) + $16,880(PhD)…

Employees with a Doctorate (PhD) Degree Median Salary by Years Experience: 10-19 years $100,730…
Sep 13 Y.F. Redux commented on Voices from the Picket Lines: Arbor Heights Elementary.
$40-60K too much money argle bargle!

babysitter: $10.90/hr average
School Days per year in Washington State: 180 or Grades 1-6 ~ 1000 hours
Washington State student-teacher ratio: 19.4

If those teachers ran a daycare center, they could bring in $211,460 for warehousing those 19.4 grade-school kids teaching them absolutely nothing.

Tell me again how they're making too much money?
Sep 10 Y.F. Redux commented on Voices From the Picket Lines: Salmon Bay K-8 School.
For all those anti-union fools who say that teachers are overpaid babysitters:

Child care per child: $10.90
Washington State student-teacher ratio: 19.4
School Days per year: 180 (Kindergarten ~ 450 hours, Grades 1-6 ~ 1000 hours, Grades 7-12 ~ 1080 hours)

So, for those troglodytes that didn't flunk grade-school math: 19.4 kids x 450hrs (minimum) x $10.90 = total $95,157 (minimum).

Which is why all my friends left teaching.…

Aug 13 Y.F. Redux commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Dad Tells Teenage Daughter That Her Mom Turned Him Gay.
It's all mom's fault dad took off to suck boy-toy dick because she's frigid? Have we entered a time warp and crash landed on Castro Street in SF during the 1970's? That's the excuse closet cases used back during the Sexual Revolution for abandoning their wife and kids! That excuse is as tired and old as the chicken shit coward father!
Jun 27 Y.F. Redux commented on Single Christian Lady Bristol "Screw As I Say, Not As I Screw" Palin is Pregnant Again.
Such bitter disappointment! I betchya she planned on having a "premature" baby 6 months after her shotgun wedding but Dakota's 1st wife put the skids to that! If her pregnancy hadn't been leaked to the press, she likely would have had an abortion on the sly and claimed it was a miscarriage if anyone found out.
May 22 Y.F. Redux commented on I, Anonymous.
To collect most social services you have to pay taxes for a minimum amount first. So how exactly is it "freeloading" if you've already paid in in advance? Or are you talking about all those bailouts we've forked out to corporations that were too big too fail?
May 22 Y.F. Redux commented on Police Reports Illustrated: "Crimestoppers" Start Crime.
Get a lawyer and sue the morons!
Mar 8 Y.F. Redux commented on Savage Love Letters of the Day: Quick Hits.
So..did the wife of LW1 say she'd never perform oral sex or just that she'd never perform oral on her husband? If the answer is never on her husband, then he needs to wash his netherparts more often and stop (or start) ram-fucking her face.
Mar 5 Y.F. Redux commented on Why Does Seattle Still Have a Race Problem?.
You want to know why Seattle has a race problem? White patriarchy. Washington State was a part of Oregon Territory and racial discrimination was coded into law from the start.……

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