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Nov 19 Y.F. Redux commented on SL Letter of the Day: You've Done Nothing Wrong.
Dear Outed and Unsure,

I hope the asshole who outed you never gets a leg across as long as they live. Hold your head up high, enjoy your voyage of sexual discovery, and eff that jerk. They don't deserve to have a decent sex life.


Fellow Kinkster
Nov 5 Y.F. Redux commented on I, Anonymous.
F*ck you, Anon. My uncle died in the street because of sh*t stains like you. He was on his way to work and keeled over from a heart attack. He was left in the gutter until it was time to come home and his family called work and found out he never made it in.
May 17 Y.F. Redux commented on Some People On Twitter Are Slamming "Greedy" Fast Food Strikers.
They're not asking for $15/hr for making the food. They're asking for $7.25 to make the food and another $7.75 to put up with the asshole idiots buying the food.
Apr 23 Y.F. Redux commented on Wage Theft Is Not Just a Concern of Low-Income Workers.
Every employer I have ever worked for had some scheme to swindle their employees out of their pay. Every. Single. One. So has everyone else's. The only difference is that I am aware I'm getting screwed over and how while you probably are not.
Apr 23 Y.F. Redux commented on I, Anonymous.
Anon should feel lucky. My elderly mother tripped over a curb while just walking down the street, not "staring at a square" and the only thing bystanders did was laugh at her.
Apr 23 Y.F. Redux commented on Is It Okay to Bring a Big Gulp to a Fancy Restaurant?.
Tacky? Sure. But professional chefs who think they serve "Works Of Art" instead of just Food are kind of full of bullshit. A restaurant is a business. Some of the customers who patronize the restaurant do not drink alcohol. People who don't drink booze have money to spend too. Maybe they aught to consider serving something that does not contain booze.
Apr 23 Y.F. Redux commented on I, Anonymous.
Well, it sounds like Anon is still at the Anger stage of K├╝bler-Ross.
Apr 23 Y.F. Redux commented on SL Letter of the Day: The Wedding Party.
This tantrum throwing nut-case got the in-laws she deserves. Her husband needs to grow a pair and leave her like a grown up leaves a bad marriage instead of trying to sneak off to Mexico or "help his relatives move" like a chicken shit coward.
Feb 21 Y.F. Redux commented on I, Anonymous.
So nobody had a tazer or pepper spray?
Feb 21 Y.F. Redux commented on Gay Marriages Start Tomorrow in Cook County.
Jan Brewer is an obstinate See-You-Next-Tuesday. She takes sadistic glee in doing anything viewed as "anti-librul" or "anti-Democrat" simply to piss off those who are Left leaning. The only thing accomplished by sending her a message that discrimination is wrong will be to affirm her belief signing the bill is the right thing to do. The only reason she's holding off is because local businesses fear the backlash Utah suffered after Prop 8 passed.

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