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Sep 7, 2016 HistoryGetsWeird commented on After Mukilteo Shooting, State Attorney General Proposes Ban on Assault Weapons.
So basically he's proposing a law that will make it look like he's "doing something" while not actually accomplishing anything other than negatively impacting those who obey the law. And people wonder why it's so hard to have a constructive dialog about guns.

Aug 1, 2016 HistoryGetsWeird commented on At Vigil for Mukilteo Shooting Victims, Friends Remember the Dead and Governor Inslee Says "Inaction Is Unacceptable".
@20 he's probably mad because you rushed to treat the deaths of these young people and the systemic rape culture that taught a young man to believe that he has the right to kill women who reject him as an opportunity to flog your pet cause to the welcoming echo chamber you no doubt regularly seek in the comments of Stranger articles that have anything at all to do with guns.
Oct 6, 2014 HistoryGetsWeird commented on Guest Editorial: I Lost My Son to Gun Violence. Please Vote Yes on Initiative 594..
Absolutely not voting for this until they can be bothered to write a law that's more figidly defined.

Funny how everyone wants billionaire money out of politics unless it's Michael Bloomberg descending from his ivory tower to fund your pet cause.
May 22, 2013 HistoryGetsWeird commented on Kids Shoot the Darndest Things.
In 2010 4 men from the neighborhood I was living in came to my house to beat me to death for talking to the police about a murder that I had witnessed. They wanted my corpse to be a message to the neighborhood and they weren't the least bit discouraged by my calling 911 while they yanked my security gate out of the wall. They left in a hurry when I retrieved my target shooting pistol from the safe where it had been sitting, untouched, for almost a year. I guess they didn't know that "GUNS DON'T MAKE [me] SAFER."

Thanks though, for educating me on the level of safety my gun confers. Your deeply entrenched pseudo-intellectual bias and probable lack of real world experience in this area is very convincing to a plebeian casual gun owner like myself.

Before reading your Op/Ed I was foolishly convinced that people who store and handle guns irresponsibly, particularly when there are children present, are somehow PERSONALLY responsible for the results of their actions. Now I understand that the millions of people who are capable of owning a gun without harming themselves or their loved ones, people like myself who do not see these inanimate objects as inherently evil, WE are the real boogeymen. Well, us and those scary self-possessed murder-machines of course. Great work as usual, Goldy, for depolarizing the issue so that gun owners and gun abstainers can have a civil conversation about this topic.
Jan 26, 2013 HistoryGetsWeird commented on Seattle Gun Buyback Exceeds Expectations, Blows Through $118,000 in Under Three Hours.
Ho. Ly. Shit. Could you wear your agenda any higher up on your sleeve? Even the most basically functional individual would require about 30 seconds of research to know that your *****shoulder-mounted surface-to-air missile launcher****** (bold text doesn't work for me here) is an inert tube from a single use system, essentially making it a useless prop that's about as deadly as a length of plumbing pipe. Gleefully misinformed doesn't even begin to describe the tone of this article. I remember a few years back when a deeply republican relative of mine ended an argument with me about abortion rights by pointing out that "just because you're a liberal doesn't mean you're the most open-minded person in the room." In reading this article I now fully grasp the sentiment that he was trying to express. The level of confirmation bias in your writing actually made me a little ill.
Jan 19, 2013 HistoryGetsWeird joined My Stranger Face
Jan 19, 2013 HistoryGetsWeird joined My Stranger Face
Jan 19, 2013 HistoryGetsWeird commented on Right On Target.
I am a proud liberal who abhors the NRA, Glen Beck, and all the rest of that mess. I know from personal experience what it's like to be shot at, what it's like to watch somebody die from bullet wounds, and what it's like when gang members come to your house and try to murder you. I am responsible, law abiding, and I own guns.

If you want to have a frank conversation about guns, you should stop promoting the deliberate misinformation and the polarization. This isn't a conversation that is in any way helped by the constant us vs. them/red vs. blue/"reasonable" vs. "gun nuts" narrative that this article promotes. I do not mistake my perception of "need" for a good basis for legislation of things that I have no interest or working knowledge of and apparently that's the key difference between me and the people who made up the tiny core group of this rally.

And lets be honest, once you disregard the usual collection of homeless people, downtown bus-stop layabouts, and OWS holdouts that your photographer cleverly relegated to the background with a shallow downward angle and some tight framing, this group was indeed tiny. I was there and I can count higher than 100.

I eagerly await the day that the Stranger posts an article about the rest of us, the socially conscious gun owners, written by somebody who is capable of understanding the difference between fun and terrifying. Somebody who can put two sentences about a gun owner together without making their subject sound like a dangerous, unhinged lunatic. I love the stranger, and I am waiting for that article, but deep down I know it'll never happen because as much as you love to rail against conservative news outlets for their biased, fact-lacking narratives you cannot seem to bring yourselves to do any different.