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Jul 4, 2014 AgathaAtlas commented on The Kind of Paper Grocery Bag Safeway Offers Black People Is Not the Same as the Kind it Offers White People?.
Why is it so hard to believe that racism plays into what kind of products people are offered? There is a well-known historical precedent for such things. Think segregated schools, white communities were offered much better services than black communities. Brown V. The Board of Education, which went down in 1954 was responsible for the practice being outlawed on paper, but in much more insidious (and sometimes super obvious ways) segregation still exists.
Jun 5, 2014 AgathaAtlas commented on Shooting at Seattle Pacific University: Multiple Victims, No Fatalities, Two Suspects in Custody.
I am totally with you on this. @baby blues
Jan 27, 2014 AgathaAtlas commented on The Rent Is Too Damn High: Tenants Rights Bills Introduced in State Senate.
I just left messages in support of this bill with all of my representatives. My phone voice is fucking awesome and I am really well-spoken and smart. So get your internet baby tears all over this comment section while I act on things I care about. :)
Sep 28, 2013 AgathaAtlas commented on WA Is Number One! (At Taxing the Poor!).
I'm voting for Sawant because we need a minimum wage that is a living wage. We need affordable housing and we need to tax the rich. I just went to tent city today when it was poring rain. There are families in there who desperately need jobs/houses and help.
I fucking can't stand socialism but what the fuck other candidates do we have who stand a chance and stand for shit that matters?
Aug 23, 2012 AgathaAtlas commented on Ben Weasel Hates Me Because I Misinterpreted His Lyrics When I Was 15.
I used to comment on a AZ punk message board in highschool. The turds reactions remind me of the teenage boys that would attempt to silence even the most delicately put and care-takey thing I would write about their sexism.
Little has changed, except for now im a punk band I love, go to shows I love and the woman who wrote this article is staff at the weekly in my town. (fuck yes)
Feb 27, 2011 AgathaAtlas commented on Outing "Lurleen".
Venomlash: This is one example of many instances of indirect transphobia coming from The Stranger. The person who wrote this article was participating in the all-too-easy scapegoating of a trans woman.

The gays and lesbians whose biggest priority is to be "equal" to a standard of privilege that is far overblown in the first place almost have everything they need. Watch as gay/lesbian marriage is legalized and trans/queer people are left in the dust.
Feb 25, 2011 AgathaAtlas commented on Outing "Lurleen".
The Stranger... transphobic, NO!

Yes. It's a well-known fact.

This "closeted" blogger outted herself long before Katrina Rose dared type Ramseyer's name.
Jan 8, 2011 AgathaAtlas commented on Congresswoman Shot in Arizona.
Please call it what it is: an assassination, a suprise attack, and killing of a public figure.
Nov 2, 2010 AgathaAtlas commented on RE: What Should I Do with My Ballot?.
can people who don't have disabilities use the voting sites?
(ballot never arrived in the mail)
Oct 16, 2010 AgathaAtlas commented on Why The Stranger Is Wrong About Everything.
Libertarians. Ew.
They're anarchists that don't know how to share.