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Mar 10, 2014 artistdogboy commented on City Council Calls On Governor Inslee To Stop Permitting Oil Terminals.
Are your wasteland jobs and money more important then the continued existence of life itself or your grand children's future lives? Are you ignorant shortsighted robots? Fossil fuels can be eliminated by moving to alternative energy sources, and it will create a vibrant economy to boot. Stop being a tool of greedy, warmongering billioniares. Plant a garden and pull your head out of your ass!
Nov 5, 2013 artistdogboy commented on Election Night: The Empire Strikes Back!.
#16 perhaps it the other way around....
Nov 5, 2013 artistdogboy commented on Election Night: The Empire Strikes Back!.
Rather be a Fuckin' organic-carrot-smokin' hippies any day than a 'Fuckin warm bowl of shit eating ass kissing myopic snarky phony wannabe hipster"
May 29, 2013 artistdogboy commented on Maine Governor Talks Armed Rebellion Against the Government Because the Constitution Says So.
Dear Liberals, Progressives and Obamabots, yes it's that bad. My vote: Rebellion, Yes! Armed, No! There has already been a silent coup de'tat when the corporate plutocrats took over the levers of government, circa 1980. The remaining choices are: 1. Either a non-violent revolution, outside of the current political parties and party structures, probably in the streets, across the land that directly addresses the complete corporate control, corruption, buying and selling of politicians, environmental destruction, global climate change and the phony delusion that we have a functioning democracy and voting for a D or R will fix it. Or: 2. Eventually the violent macho men, religious fanatics, anti gay and racist, war lovers and profiteers, anti-labor totalitarians, earth destroyers and their corporate master's, bloated security state militarized 'pawns in the game' police will definitely bring their violent crackdown directly on your head whether you like it or not....
May 21, 2013 artistdogboy commented on American Gothic.
Egocentric, self indulgent, attention seeking, hipster, uselessness. I suppose everyone when out afterwards to a 'self harm' party where they took pictures of their injuries with their iphones and uploaded them to tumblr and instagram.
May 2, 2013 artistdogboy commented on SPD Supports Free Speech and Doesn't Use Excessive Force, Police Say.
Only way forward is with complete disciplined non violent protest and civil disobedience.Violent and destructive behavior only alienate the masses who's support is necessary for success. Violence actually turns majority of people against protesters and their message no matter how just. Citizens will side with police if protester generated violence persists. Moral high ground is lost and protesters and message will be marginalized or lost completely by media Finally, masses, middle class, working classes will not show up to attend a riot.
Oct 5, 2012 artistdogboy commented on Thanks to Mitt Romney, Big Bird Is the King of the Internet Right Now.
If big bird meme is the only thing that Obama in a bubble has to come back with, we're fucked. He's compromised himself into a corner and sold out everyone on things like #NDAA and drones. He has to learn how to fight along side the people who got him elected in the first place. People our dying out here and can't put food on the table. There's no fire in the belly with in bubble Obama just 'big bird' jokes. It's slick BS.
Sep 6, 2012 artistdogboy commented on What Did You Think of Obama's Speech?.
Great Speech marvelous convention.
Aug 5, 2012 artistdogboy commented on The Sunday Morning News.
"its Susan Delbene"

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