Not enough like Twitter.

Feb 1 lizza commented on SL Letter of the Day: Fucking the Boss, Take 2.
Oh you feel sorry for us, Schmacky? How cute of you.

Just to state the glaringly obvious:
-A man who isn't kind enough to treat his partner well before, during, and after sex doesn't deserve sex
-A man who would slut-shame his partner for having slept with him doesn't deserve sex
-A boss who harasses his employee for sex doesn't deserve sex

Should I go on, or are you getting the point?

Also, this isn't a gendered thing. I'm sure every sexually active being with any amount of self-respect agrees with all the above-stated points. You really created quite the straw man here (LADIES are always going on about how people don't deserve them, how sad for these sad, deluded LADIES)

Newsflash: It's not just the ladies. All people decide whether or not a potential partner is deserving.
Jan 18 lizza commented on A Douche In the Life.
Yeah, Fnarf @8 basically said everything.

As an aside- I can't believe an actual, real woman would go to some customer's house right after a bartending shift. If it were me, I'd be tired, my feet would be hurting, and I would need an evening in my PJ's just to recharge from all that effort of interacting with customers all day.

I HATE it when guys try to get me to come over the same day they met me. It just comes across as so entitled- like, OBVIOUSLY I don't have any other plans for the evening, in his mind. Even if I initially wanted a guy to ask me out, asking me to hang out that same day is basically a guarantee that I'll never see him again. Because I actually, you know, like to make plans in advance.

But I'm a self-declared introvert. Do other, more conventionally "normal" ladies actually do that? (Not a rhetorical question, I'm actually curious)
Jan 4 lizza commented on SL Letter of the Day: You're Getting... Permission....
Yes, but our sample size is not The World. Our sample size is the set of People Who Write to Dan Savage. Do you really think that their sexual orientations and gender identities are distributed as a bell curve?
Jan 3 lizza commented on SL Letter of the Day: You're Getting... Permission....
To second Mr. Venn, I also did not find any gender signifiers whatsoever in this letter. I was actually imagining two men while reading it. Why is everyone assuming she's a she?
Jan 31, 2013 lizza commented on SL Letter of the Day: Get Your Twink On.
For the record: in order to be bisexual, she HAS to be attracted to males. If she's not attracted to males, she's gay. I don't understand your conundrum, exactly.
Jan 14, 2013 lizza commented on SL Letter of Day: Double Crossdressed.
What I'm trying to say is that the Evil Bitch would probably get a kick out of any kind of "action" on the part of the victim, whereas inaction, though frustrating and less rewarding, would give her nothing to work with.
Jan 14, 2013 lizza commented on SL Letter of Day: Double Crossdressed.

Me too. There are people who do bad things, and the righteous crusader in me wants to smite and punish.

But, as my mama taught me, it's better to take the high road, and in this case, I think the high road is truly best. Imagine how bad it would look if the cross-dressing individual responded to the Evil Bitch by some form of action: counter-posts on Facebook, Twitter wars, accusations of Evil Bitchery... none of it would accomplish anything at all, and all of it would look bad.

Any action will look defensive, and defensive is always the weaker position. Even though s/he is emphatically in the right, the more s/he protests, the worse s/he will look.
Jan 10, 2013 lizza commented on So Blurb Me Maybe?.
I really love that Dan alluded to the Period Troll and even invited him to comment!

@25- God, that's harsh.
May 21, 2009 lizza commented on I, Anonymous.
To Sir Vic:
Have you recently had a frontal lobotomy? 'Cause you sure sound like it.

All universities employ TAs, especially the expensive private schools. And what are they being paid for? They are being paid for TEACHING. And that is the job they're supposed to do.

You're kinda saying "if you picked an ACTUAL restaurant instead of this shitty one, then you'll get a waiter who gives you good service. So don't complain about bad service, because it's your fault for choosing a bad restaurant".

You're retarded, dude.

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